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'Buntu List
'Buntu List is a command-line utility which will identify Ubuntu, Edubuntu, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu ISO image filenames and list them.
Maintained by Nathan Haines; Registered on 2008-02-16
Peppy is a wxPython/Scintilla-based editor written in and extensible through Python. It attempts to provide an XEmacs-like multi-window, multi-tabbed framework with low coupling, so it's easy to add support for new types of files.
Maintained by Rob McMullen; Registered on 2008-02-16
4D-TRIS is an alteration of the well-known Tetris game. The game field is extended to 4D space, which has to filled up by the gamer with 4D hyper cubes. The software is written in C and uses OpenGL and SDL .
Maintained by 4dtris Developer Team; Registered on 2009-03-28
4digits is a guess-the-number puzzle game. It's called Bulls and Cows, and in China people simply call it Guess-the-Number. The game's objective is to guess a four-digit number in 8 times using as less time as possible.
Maintained by Yongzhi Pan; Registered on 2012-04-04
This project aims to manage accumulators for radio controlled models. Therefore the specific accumulator will be monitored some values. So you can recalculate the average current during its usage. Additionally JAccuManager will be extended by functionality to communicate with chargers, to record charging curves.
Maintained by Christian Moll; Registered on 2009-08-28
A GTK2 interface to MPlayer. The power of MPlayer combined with a friendly interface for your desktop; You can play all your multimedia (audio, video, CD, DVDs, and VCDs, streams etc.), organize, sort and create playlists, take screenshots while playing videos, be notified about media changes. Full DVD and MKV chapter support, when supported by Mplayer. Subtitle support with the ability to specify preferred audio and subtitle languages if the media supports it. Support for cover art retrieval from for audio media files with artist and/or album information contained in the file. The player can be used to play media on websites from your browser when used with Gecko Mediaplayer and is the modern replacement for the mplayerplug-in application. Gnome MPlayer has a rich API that is exposed via DBus. Using DBus you can control a single or multiple instances of GNOME MPlayer from a single command. Gnome MPlayer is not dependent on any Gnome libraries. However. the look and feel of the application is based on the Gnome HIG. The main dependency is on GTK2, GLIB2 and DBUS.
Maintained by Kevin DeKorte; Registered on 2008-04-17
USB ImageWriter
A GUI tool to write .img files like produced by the ubuntu-mobile team for UME to USB Keys
Maintained by Oliver Grawert; Registered on 2008-07-06
This is where Mobbler will be translated.
Maintained by Hugo; Registered on 2009-02-23
The Drizzle project is building a database optimized for Cloud and Net applications. It is being designed for massive concurrency on modern multi-cpu/core architecture. The code is originally derived from MySQL.
Maintained by Drizzle Developers; Registered on 2008-05-12
A Membership Database
Maintained by MemberDB Owners; Registered on 2008-08-12
Jalava will assist you with writing novels. You can create a novel, add chapters, scenes, characters, locations and items.
Maintained by Jeffrey Rusterholz; Registered on 2012-07-06
Totally Wired
A Ubuntu friendly music player that leverages data.
Maintained by Matthew McGowan; Registered on 2012-11-10
AskUbuntu Lens
A Unity Lens to Ask Questions and Get Answers at, from your Desktop.
Maintained by Mark Tully; Registered on 2011-03-18
A XPDF version patched to support localization using gettext.
Maintained by sylvain cresto; Registered on 2007-07-16
Light Off
A classic game I discovered from Gnome, the "Light off". You have to turn off all light. But beware! Turn off a light will turn on some neightboring lights. This game is for Ubuntu Touch now!
Maintained by Arnaud Ober; Registered on 2013-04-16
A classic music player based on modern technologies, network aware, extensible...
Maintained by L.Lopez; Registered on 2008-09-17
A desktop reader for Google Reader
Maintained by atareao-team; Registered on 2011-03-21
Raspberrymem is a free memory aid for seniors, powered by Raspberry Pi). It can store reminders, notes, and other data and can be accessed remotely by caregivers or other trusted people.
Maintained by Bill Dengler; Registered on 2013-02-10
HTTP Ripper
What is HTTP Ripper: HTTP Ripper is a tool to rip content out of the web.
Maintained by Jonas Wagner; Registered on 2008-08-23
A little application to know about the definition of a word
Maintained by atareao-team; Registered on 2011-01-09
A money flow tracking application. It supports invoice,bill,receipts management companies and categories management, income management and presents everything in useful reports
Maintained by Nick Apostolakis; Registered on 2010-11-25
A scope for Video Lens to search youtube videos directly from Dash
Maintained by atareao-team; Registered on 2012-02-04
Tivion plays some streaming TV and radio and Sopcast channels available. For the moment, 697 channels from 67 countries.
Maintained by Angel Guzman Maeso; Registered on 2009-09-01
A simple software that speaks a text. You can type the text or appoint a file. Fala is just a frontend to festival. It's designed for GNOME, but if you have gtk, pyhton and festival you are able to run it.
Maintained by Jonh Wendell; Registered on 2006-09-09
Through the use of a plugin system, streamtuner offers an intuitive GTK+ 2.0 interface to Internet radio directories such as SHOUTcast and Live365.
Maintained by Antonio Olmo Titos; Registered on 2005-11-08
Fcm issue 77 translation test
A translation test project for the FCM issue 77
Maintained by Michaël Nepyjwoda; Registered on 2014-03-22
An Indicator Application to assist Ubuntu users using Pomodoro technique.
Maintained by Kántor Dániel; Registered on 2011-02-13
lsviewer-gtk allows to view and browse the content of files generated by the 'ls -lR' command.
Maintained by Mathieu Leplatre; Registered on 2008-01-11
ADC Project
Maintained by Fredrik Ullner; Registered on 2010-10-05
GUI for ADCH++
Maintained by Sulan; Registered on 2009-02-21
ADempiere ERP Localization
We focus on the localization for ADempiere ERP. Please visit "" for details.
Maintained by PeanutBlake; Registered on 2010-01-20
ADesk Bar
ADesk Bar - application launcher for Openbox
Maintained by David Art; Registered on 2009-01-02
Set the volume of the ALSA Mixers.
Maintained by Fabien LOISON; Registered on 2010-10-21
Integrated noises into your sound indicator and relax or concentrate
Maintained by costales; Registered on 2015-04-01
as2api parses ActionScript 2 class and interface definitions and creates HTML reference pages for the Application Programming Interface described.
Maintained by David Holroyd; Registered on 2006-02-19
APRSdroid is an Android application for pushing your current GPS coordinates (and maybe also messages, some day) to the APRS-IS network.
Maintained by Georg Lukas; Registered on 2010-03-17
A simple yet powerful tool which allows you to create one (or more) installation disc containing all of the packages downloaded via apt-get or aptitude.
Maintained by Rafael Proença; Registered on 2006-08-18
AWFFull is a webserver log analysis tool. Mainly used to produce simple reports, it can also be used as the starting point for more detailed Web Analytics. The output produced is a series of simple HTML pages and images,making it trivial to access the reports from practically any web browser. No additional configuration or setup is necessary.
Maintained by Steve McInerney; Registered on 2008-07-23
The goal of the Abandinus project is to provide a complete software stack to enable users to track and share their position with their friends.
Maintained by Emilien Klein; Registered on 2010-10-05
Account Banking Framework
The Account Banking Framework for OpenERP. A module built to ease the construction of bank communication projects for OpenERP. Donated by EduSense.
Maintained by Pieter J. Kersten (EduSense BV); Registered on 2010-01-26
Feature-rich application to mount and manage CD and DVD images
Maintained by Nick Andrik; Registered on 2012-12-08
Browse Python code snippets quickly and easily.
Maintained by Jono Bacon; Registered on 2009-12-31
Activitățile echipei Ubuntu România
Acest proiect este folosit de echipa Ubuntu România pentru a administra sarcinile și suport pentru diverse activități ale echipei.
Maintained by Ubuntu Romanian Local Team; Registered on 2009-01-19
Acysos S.L. - OpenERP Addons
Addons OpenERP developped by Acysos S.L. Also available in Github:
Maintained by OpenERP Acysos Team; Registered on 2012-06-03
Additional shapes and sheets for the Dia diagramming software. Source of the Debian package dia-shapes
Maintained by Steffen Macke; Registered on 2009-10-21
Vauxoo Addons
This project has been moved to github.
Maintained by Vauxoo; Registered on 2011-09-17
Ubuntu Touch Address Book App
Maintained by PS Project Management Team; Registered on 2013-06-19
GTK+ Frontend to view activities and manage users on a PureFTPd ftp-server.
Maintained by Isak Savo; Registered on 2005-11-28
This is an eye-candy menu applet for GNOME. (soon even compatibility with KDE and XFCE) Good looks and usability are the key aims of this project. Just see it at work and you'll love it ;)
Maintained by Brus46; Registered on 2009-02-12
Aethyra is a community driven 2D MMORPG effort utilizing eAthena (an open source Ragnarok Online clone). We strive towards 100% compatibility with eAthena's features, as well as providing additional frameworks and tools to try to make a more collaborative and easy to contribute to MMORPG world.
Maintained by Aethyra development; Registered on 2008-09-16
A front-end to your desktop search with plugin support.
Maintained by Team Affinity; Registered on 2008-10-30
A simple, slick, speedy, no-nonsense task manager.
Maintained by Agenda Developers; Registered on 2012-08-21
A project to share information about live music
Maintained by Xevib; Registered on 2010-07-14
backup a name list of installed software
Maintained by Ailurus Developers; Registered on 2009-12-09
Ajax Edit Comments
The most powerful comment editing solution for WordPress.
Maintained by Ronald Huereca; Registered on 2009-11-29
A puzzle game for Ubuntu Touch
Maintained by Martin Kaistra; Registered on 2013-04-23
Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock is a fully-featured alarm clock for your GNOME panel or equivalent. It's easy to use yet powerful with support for multiple repeatable alarms, as well as snoozing and a flexible notification system.
Maintained by Johannes H. Jensen; Registered on 2008-04-20
Translation for the project
Maintained by Nicolas LE GOFF; Registered on 2013-10-01
Alfanous - Quranic Search engine
Alfanous (The Lantern - الفانوس) is an Arabic search engine API provide the simple and advanced search in the Holy Quran , more features and many interfaces...
Maintained by Alfanous; Registered on 2009-07-22
Alg3py provides a GUI to make the process of algebraical maths a little easier
Maintained by Jorgealda; Registered on 2012-06-20
Application with help you learning algorithms and basics of programming.
Maintained by Marek Bardoński; Registered on 2011-03-21
AllTray is an application which docks other application software into the system tray (“notification area”) of a desktop environment such as GNOME, KDE, or XFCE. It aims to be independent of both desktop environment and window manager. Old releases are available, and currently the project is focusing on updating the source code to become more fully compliant with existing desktop standards, as well as being refactored.
Maintained by AllTray Developers; Registered on 2008-12-28
Application to ease management of a personal diary
Maintained by Angel Abad; Registered on 2010-04-18
Just another accounting software for persian users
Maintained by amir contributors team; Registered on 2010-03-17
queXC cleans and codes qualitative and other textual data (such as data collected from a questionnaire). Multiple operators can work on a single data file using only a web browser. Coding schemes can be created on the fly or imported.
Maintained by Adam Zammit; Registered on 2009-03-08
queXF takes scanned paper forms generated using queXML and reads them. Operators then verify that queXF has read the form correctly using a web browser. The data collected can be exported to DDI, CSV or statistical packages.
Maintained by Adam Zammit; Registered on 2009-04-24
queXS can operate your outbound telephone research centre. It integrates with the Asterisk VoIP Server, uses AAPOR Standard Outcome codes and only requires a web browser to operate.
Maintained by Adam Zammit; Registered on 2009-01-22
A web-based asset management and trouble ticketing system designed to be used by technicians, users, and management to keep tabs on all of the things which clutter up an office.
Maintained by budgester; Registered on 2005-11-09
An indicator for Google Reader
Maintained by atareao-team; Registered on 2011-07-09
An indicator for google calendar
Maintained by atareao-team; Registered on 2011-05-10
Licq is a multi-threaded ICQ (originally; now it supports AOL, MSN and Jabber as well) clone written mostly in C++. It uses an extensive plugin system to manage many different functions. The main GUI is written using the Qt widget set.
Maintained by Licq Developers; Registered on 2007-04-03
Andor's Trail
Roguelike RPG on Android
Maintained by Oskar Wiksten; Registered on 2013-07-19
This project collects OpenERP addons developed by Andrea Cometa team
Maintained by Briganti; Registered on 2012-08-28
Android Keyboard
Write from PC to Android
Maintained by Fotiadis Alexandros; Registered on 2013-03-26
Android's Fortune
The well-known Fortune for Android: print a random, hopefully interesting, adage.
Maintained by pjv; Registered on 2008-09-24
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