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This document is distributed under the terms of the GNU Public license as published by the Free Software; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) later version. A copy of this license can be found in , or in the file included with the source code of this program.
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To report a bug or make a suggestion regarding the <application>Synaptic Package Manager</application> or this manual, use the bug report system at <ulink url="" type="http">Synaptic Web</ulink>, contact the mailing list <email></email> join the IRC channel #synaptic on
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The <application>Synaptic Package Manager</application> enables you to install software onto your computer and to manage the software, that is already installed. The software is bundled in so called <emphasis>packages</emphasis>. A single application can even exist of several packages: e.g. the <application>Mozilla Internet Suite</application> is packaged to <emphasis>mozilla-browser</emphasis>, that contains the actual browser, and <emphasis>mozilla-mail </emphasis>, that contains the mail client (this example refers to Debian GNU/Linux and can be different on your distribution).
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Nearly all applications reuse the functionality of other applications or libraries (libraries only provide functions to other libraries or applications and are no stand alone applications) to avoid doubled efforts. So the most packages depend on other packages. The <application>Synaptic Package Manager</application> resolves the <emphasis> dependencies</emphasis> for you automatically.
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Technically the <application>Synaptic Package Manager</application> is based on the package manager <application>APT</application> and provides functions, that are similar to the ones of the command line tool <command>apt-get</command> in a graphical environment.
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You can render your system unusable.
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Shows <application>Synaptic Package Manager</application> main window. Contains titlebar, menubar, toolbar, display area, and scrollbars. Menubar contains File, View, Settings, and Help menus.
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Contains menus that you can use to perform actions in <application>Synaptic Package Manager</application>.
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Provides main actions.
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Provides categories to narrow down the list of shown listed packages.
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