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The file you request to be removed from the download list is not yet fully downloaded. Are you sure you want to remove it?
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Located in Steadyflow/MainWindow.vala:221
Could not launch web browser for URL %s
(no translation yet)
Located in Steadyflow/MainWindow.vala:284
Steadyflow has experienced a problem and needs to close. Please pass the following information to the developer:

Error Code %d:

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Located in Steadyflow/Services.vala:60
You have specified that Steadyflow should run a command when the download finishes, but have not entered a command to run. Please specify it.
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Located in Steadyflow/FileListController.vala:183
The file name you have entered is not valid. Please correct it.
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Located in Steadyflow/FileListController.vala:196
The address you are trying to add for download is already in the file list.
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Located in Steadyflow/FileListController.vala:209
The file you are trying to save the download to already exists. Are you sure you want to overwrite it?
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Located in Steadyflow/FileListController.vala:222
An error has occurred while trying to start the download.
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Located in Steadyflow/FileListController.vala:244
Can neither create a D-Bus service nor connect to an existing instance of Steadyflow. Steadyflow will now exit.
(no translation yet)
Located in Steadyflow/Application.vala:150
Cannot create settings directory - a non-directory with that name already exists
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Located in Steadyflow.Core/DownloadService.vala:78
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