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Web Servers
Web 服务器
Translated by EAdam on 2011-05-22
Located in serverguide/C/web-servers.xml:11(title)
A Web server is a software responsible for accepting HTTP requests from clients, which are known as Web browsers, and serving them HTTP responses along with optional data contents, which usually are Web pages such as HTML documents and linked objects (images, etc.).
Web 服务器是一个负责接受来自客户端的 HTTP 请求的软件,并向它们返回 HTTP 应答与可选的数据内容,其中这些客户端称为 Web 浏览器,而返回的数据通常是 Web 页面,如 HTML 文档和链接的对象 (图像等)。
Translated by EAdam on 2011-05-22
Located in serverguide/C/web-servers.xml:12(para)
HTTPD - Apache2 Web Server
HTTPD - Apache2 Web 服务器
Translated by EAdam on 2011-05-22
Located in serverguide/C/web-servers.xml:17(title)
Apache is the most commonly used Web server on Linux systems. Web servers are used to serve Web pages requested by client computers. Clients typically request and view Web pages using Web browser applications such as <application>Firefox</application>, <application>Opera</application>, <application>Chromium</application>, or <application>Internet Explorer</application>.
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Located in serverguide/C/web-servers.xml:18(para)
Users enter a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to point to a Web server by means of its Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) and a path to the required resource. For example, to view the home page of the <ulink url="">Ubuntu Web site</ulink> a user will enter only the FQDN:
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Located in serverguide/C/web-servers.xml:24(para)
Translated and reviewed by Heling Yao on 2012-04-06
Located in serverguide/C/web-servers.xml:29(userinput)
To view the <ulink url="">community</ulink> sub-page, a user will enter the FQDN followed by a path:
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Located in serverguide/C/web-servers.xml:32(para)
Translated and reviewed by Heling Yao on 2012-04-06
Located in serverguide/C/web-servers.xml:35(userinput)
The most common protocol used to transfer Web pages is the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Protocols such as Hyper Text Transfer Protocol over Secure Sockets Layer (HTTPS), and File Transfer Protocol (FTP), a protocol for uploading and downloading files, are also supported.
用于传输网页的最常用协议就是超文本传输协议 (HTTP)。也支持诸如基于安全套接层的超文本传输协议 (HTTPS) 以及用于上传和下载文件的文件传输协议 (FTP) 等协议。
Translated by EAdam on 2011-05-22
Located in serverguide/C/web-servers.xml:38(para)
Apache Web Servers are often used in combination with the <application>MySQL</application> database engine, the HyperText Preprocessor (<application>PHP</application>) scripting language, and other popular scripting languages such as <application>Python</application> and <application>Perl</application>. This configuration is termed LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl/Python/PHP) and forms a powerful and robust platform for the development and deployment of Web-based applications.
Apache Web 服务器常与 <application>MySQL</application> 数据库引擎、超文本处理器 (<application>PHP</application>) 脚本语言及其他流行的脚本语言如<application>Python</application> 和 <application>Perl</application> 组合在一起。这一组合被称为 LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl/Python/PHP) ,并形成一个强大健壮的开发基于 Web 应用程序的开发平台。
Translated by EAdam on 2011-05-22
Located in serverguide/C/web-servers.xml:43(para)
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