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Similarly, when using Screen Language, each user interface statement takes relevant style properties::
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Ren'Py supports style inheritance, with each style having a single parent. If a style property is not defined in a style, the value of the property is inherited from the closest parent, grandparent, or other ancestor.
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Each displayable takes a property named ``style``, which gives the parent of the displayable's style::
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When no ``style`` property is given, a parent is chosen based on the kind of displayable be that has been supplied. The parent chosen can be influenced by the :ref:`style_group <style-group>` property of user interface statements in the screen language.
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When a style is defined without a parent being specified, a default parent is chosen for the style. If the style contains an underscore (_) in its name, the parent is named by removing everything up to and including the first underscore. For example, a style named ``my_button`` will inherit from ``button``. This inheritance can be changed using the style statement or by calling a method on a style object. When a style that does not exist is used, and the style has an underscore in its name, Ren'Py will create it using the default parent.
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Style names beginning with an underscore are reserved for Ren'Py use.
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As Ren'Py builds styles on startup, named styles should not be changed outside of init code.
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Style Inspector
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When :var:`config.developer` is true, the style inspector can be used to see which styles are being used by a displayable.
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To activate the style inspector, place the mouse over a displayable, and press shift+I. Ren'Py will display a list of displayables that include the mouse position, in the order they are drawn to the screen. (That is, the last displayable is the one on top of the others.)
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