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only `b` will be saved. A will not be saved because it does not change once the game begins. `O` is not saved because it does not change - the object it refers to changes, but the variable itself does not.
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What isn't Saved
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Python variables that are not changed before the game begins will not be saved. This can be a major problem if a variable that is saved and one that is refer to the same object. (Alias the object.) In this example::
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`a` and `b` are aliased. Saving and loading may break this aliasing, causing `a` and `b` to refer to different objects. Since this can be very confusing, it's best to avoid aliasing saved and unsaved variables. (This is rare to encounter directly, but might come up when an unsaved variable and saved field alias.)
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There are several other kinds of state that isn't saved:
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control flow path
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Ren'Py only saves the current statement, and the statement it needs to return to. It doesn't remember how it got there. Importantly, if code (like variable assignments) is added to the game, it won't run.
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mappings of image names to displayables
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Since this mapping is not saved, the image may change to a new image when the game loads again. This allows an image to change to a new file as the game evolves.
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configuration variables, styles, and style properties
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