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Persistent Data
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Ren'Py supports persistent data, saved data that is not associated with a particular point in a game. Persistent data is accessed through fields of the persistent object, which is bound to the variable ``persistent``.
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All data reachable through fields on ``persistent`` is saved when Ren'Py terminates, or when :func:`renpy.save_persistent` is called. Persistent data is loaded when Ren'Py starts, and when Ren'Py detects that the persistent data has been updated on disk.
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The persistent object is special in that an access to an undefined field will have a None value, rather than causing an exception.
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An example use of persistent is the creation of an unlockable image gallery. This is done by storing a flag in persistent that determines if the gallery has been unlocked, as in ::
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When the user gets an ending that causes the gallery to be unlocked, the flag must be set to True. ::
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As persistent data is loaded before the init code is run, persistent data should only contain types that are native to python or Ren'Py. Alternatively, classes that are defined in ``python early`` blocks can be used, provided those classes can be pickled and implement equality.
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Merging Persistent Data
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There are cases where Ren'Py has to merge persistent data from two sources. For example, Ren'Py may need to merge persistent data stored on a USB drive with persistent data from the local machine.
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Ren'Py does this merging on a field-by-field basis, taking the value of the field that was updated more recently. In some cases, this is not the desired behavior. In that case, the :func:`renpy.register_persistent` function can be used.
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