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Language Basics
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Before we can describe the Ren'Py language, we must first describe the structure of a Ren'Py script. This includes how a files are broken into blocks made up of lines, and how those lines are broken into the elements that make up statements.
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The script of a Ren'Py game is made up of all the files found under the game directory ending with the .rpy extension. Ren'Py will consider each of these files (in unicode order), and will use the contents of the files as the script.
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Generally, there's no difference between a script broken into multiple files, and a script that consists of one big file. Control can be transferred between files by jumping to or calling a label in another file. This makes the division of a script up into files a matter of personal style - some game-makers prefer to have small files (like one per event, or one per day), while others prefer to have one big script.
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To speed up loading time, Ren'Py will compile the ``.rpy`` files into .rpyc files when it starts up. When a ``.rpy`` file is changed, the ``.rpyc`` file will be updated when Ren'Py starts up. However, if a .rpyc file exists without a corresponding ``.rpy`` file, the ``.rpyc`` file will be used. This can lead to problems if a ``.rpy`` file is deleted without deleting the .rpyc file.
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Base Directory
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The base directory is the directory that contains all files that are distributed with the game. (It may also contain some files that are not distributed with the game.) Things like README files should be placed in the base directory, from where they will be distributed.
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The base directory is created underneath the Ren'Py directory, and has the name of your game. For example, if your Ren'Py directory is named renpy-6.11.2, and your game is named "HelloWorld", your base directory will be renpy-6.11.2/HelloWorld.
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Game Directory
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