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Label statements allow the given name to be assigned to a program point. They exist solely to be called or jumped to, whether by script code or the Ren'Py config. ::
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A label statement may have a block associated with it. In that case, control enters the block whenever the label statement is reached, and proceeds with the statement after the label statement whenever the end of the block is reached.
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The jump statement is used to transfer control to the given label.
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If the ``expression`` keyword is present, the expression following it is evaluated, and the string so computed is used as the label name of the statement to jump to. If the ``expression`` keyword is not present, the label name of the statement to jump to must be explicitly given.
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If the optional from clause is present, it has the effect of including a label statement with the given name as the statement immediately following the call statement. An explicit label helps to ensure that saved games with return stacks can return to the proper place when loaded on a changed script. ::
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The call statement may take arguments, which are processed as described in PEP 3102.
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When using a call expression with an arguments list, the ``pass`` keyword must be inserted between the expression and the arguments list. Otherwise, the arguments list will be parsed as part of the expression, not as part of the call.
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Return Statement
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The return statement pops the top statement off of the call stack, and transfers control to it. If the call stack is empty, the return statement restarts Ren'Py, returning control to the main menu.
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If the optional expression is given to return, it is evaluated, and it's result is stored in the _return variable. This variable is dynamically scoped to each context.
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