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The variable :var:`config.keymap` contains a map from event names to lists of keysyms that cause those events to occur.
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Many players have learned the default set of Ren'Py keybindings, and expect them to be the same from game to game.
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In Ren'Py keysyms are strings representing mouse buttons, joystick buttons, or keyboard keys.
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Mouse buttons use keysyms of the form 'mouseup_#' or 'mousedown_#', where # is a button number. Ren'Py assumes a five button mouse, where buttons 1, 2, and 3 are the left, middle, and right buttons, while buttons 4 and 5 are generated by scrolling the wheel up and down. For example, "mousedown_1" is generally a press of the left mouse button, "mouseup_1" is a release of that button, and "mousedown_4" is a turn of the scroll wheel to the top.
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Joystick keysyms begin with joy\_. They are defined in :var:`config.joystick_keys`, and mapped to actual joystick events by the user.
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There are two kinds of keyboard keysyms. The first is a string containing a character that is generated when a key is pressed. This is useful for binding alphabetic keys and numbers. Examples of these keysyms include "a", "A", and "7".
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Keyboard keysyms can also be the symbolic name for the key. This can be any of the K\_ constants taken from pygame.constants. This type of keysym looks like "K\_BACKSPACE", "K\_RETURN", and "K\_TAB"; a full list of this kind of keysyms may be found `here <>`_.
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Keyboard keysyms may be preceded by the prefixes "alt\_", "meta\_", "shift\_", or "noshift\_". The first three of these require the corresponding modifier key to be pressed. (Meta is present on Linux keyboards, and corresponds to the Command key on a Mac.) "noshift\_" requires that the shift key not be pressed.
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To change a binding, update the appropriate list in :var:`config.keymap`. The following code adds the 't' key to the list of keys that dismiss a say statement, and removes the space key from that list. ::
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The default keymap is contained inside the python code implementing Ren'Py, and as of version 6.17 is as follows::
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