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Screens may be invoked at any time, in order to allow for image prediction, unless they have a predict property of False. When the predict property is not False, screens should not cause side effects to occur upon their initial display.
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For performance reason, Ren'Py now ignores the position properties of ImageReferences. This means that the position properties of style.image_placement are now ignored. To revert to the old behavior, set :var:`config.imagereference_respects_position` to True.
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MoveTransition has been modified to respect the xoffset and yoffset parameters of the displayables it is moving. The factory functions that are used for movement now take `xoffset` and `yoffset` parameters. While the built-in movement factories take these parameters without problem, user-defined factories may need to be upgraded to use or ignore these additional parameters.
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The transform specified by the :var:`config.default_transform` variable is used to initialize the transform properties of images shown using the show and hide statements. The default value of this transform sets :propref:`xpos` and :propref:`xanchor` to 0.5, and :propref:`ypos` and :propref:`yanchor` to 1.0.
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This represents a change in the default value of these style properties, which were previously uninitialized and hence defaulted to 0.
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By including the :var:`reset` transform in ATL transforms, these properties can be reset back to 0. Alternatively, one can stop using the default transform, and revert to the old behavior, using the code::
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If a transform does not define one of the position properties :propref:`xpos`, :propref:`ypos`, :propref:`xanchor`, or :propref:`yanchor`, that property will be taken from the transform's child, if the defines that property.
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This makes it possible to have one transform control a displayable's vertical motion, and the other control the horizontal. But this is incompatible with previous behavior, and so can be disabled with the :var:`config.transform_uses_child_position` variable. ::
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