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Loads an image from a file. `filename` is a string giving the name of the file.
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`filename` should be a JPEG or PNG file with an appropriate extension.
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Loading an Image from from a file on disk and decoding it so it can be drawn to the screen takes a long amount of time. While measured in the tenths or hundreds of seconds, the duration of the loading process is long enough that it can prevent an acceptable framerate, and become annoying to the user.
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Since an Image is of a fixed size, and doesn't change in response to input, game state, or the size of the area available to it, an Image can be loaded before it is needed, and placed into an area of memory known as the image cache. Once an Image is decoded and in the cache, it can be quickly drawn to the screen.
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Ren'Py attempts to predict the images that will be used in the future, and loads them into the image cache before they are used. When space in the cache is needed for other images, Ren'Py will remove images that are no longer being used.
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By default, Ren'Py will predictively cache up to 8 screens worth of image data. (If your screen is 800x600, then a screen's worth of data is one 800x600 image, two 400x600 images, and so on.) This can be changed with the :var:config.image_cache_size configuration variable.
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Although the precise amount is dependent on implementation details and there is significant overhead, as a rule of thumb, each pixel in the image cache consumes 4 bytes of main memory and 4 bytes of video memory.
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Image-Like Displayables
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We call these displayables image-like because they take up a rectangular area of the screen, and do not react to input. These differ from normal images by varying their size to fill an area (Frame, LiveTile, and Solid), or by allowing the user to specify their size (LiveComposite, LiveCrop, Null). They are not image manipulators.
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Image-like displayables take :ref:`position-style-properties`.
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