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Text is fundamental to visual novels, and generally quite important to storytelling-based games. This text may consist of dialogue labeled with the character that is saying it, and narration, which does not have a speaker. (For convenience, we will lump both dialogue and narration together as dialogue, except where the differences are important.) It's also important that the user be able to customize the look of dialogue to suit their game.
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In Ren'Py, most dialogue is written using say statements. The look of dialogue may be customized on a per-character basis by using Character objects.
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Say Statement
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The say statement is used for dialogue and narration. Since it's almost always the most frequently used statement in Ren'Py scripts, the say statement has a syntax that minimizes the overhead in writing it. Some example say statements are::
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The first form of the say statement consists of a string by itself. This form is used for narration, with the narration being the contents of the string.
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The second form consists of two strings. The first string is the name of the character who is speaking, and the second is the dialogue being spoken.
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The third form consists of a simple expression followed by a string. The simple expression should evaluate to either a string giving a character name, or a Character object. In the latter case, the character object is used to control how the dialogue is shown.
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The final form consists of a string and a with clause which has a transition. In this case, the string is shown and a screen is shaken at the same time.
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Although the precise details of what a say statement does is controlled by the character object used, the usual effect of a say statement is to display dialogue on the screen until the user clicks to dismiss it, then to remove that dialogue on the screen.
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Certain characters have special meaning to Ren'Py, and so can't be used in dialogue strings. The ``{`` character begins a text tag, and the ``[`` character begins a substitution. To use them in dialogue, double them. It may also be necessary to precede a quote with a backslash to prevent it from closing the string. For example::
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