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Shift+R Reloading
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:41
When :var:`config.developer` is true, hitting "shift+R" will save the current game, reload the game script, and reload the game. This will often place you at the last unchanged statement encountered before "shift+R" was pressed.
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:43
This allows the developer to make script changes with an external editor, and not have to exit and restart Ren'Py to see the effect of the changes.
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:47
Note that game state, which includes variable values and scene lists, is preserved across the reload. This means that if one of those statements is changed, it is necessary to rollback and re-execute the statement to see its new effect.
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:50
Shift+I Style Inspecting
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:56
When :var:`config.developer` is true, pressing "shift+I" will cause style inspection to occur. This will display a list of displayables underneath the mouse. For each displayable, it will display the type, the style used, and the size it is being rendered at.
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:58
Shift+Y Style Dumping
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:64
When :var:`config.developer` is True, pressing the dump_styles key (by default, "shift-Y"), will write a description of every style Ren'Py knows about to the file "styles.txt". This description includes every property that is part of the style, the value of that property, and the style the property is inherited from.
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:66
> Fast Skipping
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:73
When :var:`config.developer` or :var:`config.fast_skipping`` is True, pressing the fast_skip key (by default, ">") causes the the game to immediately skip to the next important interaction. For this purpose, an important interaction is one that is not caused by a say statement, transition, or pause command. Usually, this means skipping to the next menu, but it will also stop when user-defined forms of interaction occur.
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:75
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