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Shift+Y Style Dumping
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:64
When :var:`config.developer` is True, pressing the dump_styles key (by default, "shift-Y"), will write a description of every style Ren'Py knows about to the file "styles.txt". This description includes every property that is part of the style, the value of that property, and the style the property is inherited from.
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:66
> Fast Skipping
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:73
When :var:`config.developer` or :var:`config.fast_skipping`` is True, pressing the fast_skip key (by default, ">") causes the the game to immediately skip to the next important interaction. For this purpose, an important interaction is one that is not caused by a say statement, transition, or pause command. Usually, this means skipping to the next menu, but it will also stop when user-defined forms of interaction occur.
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:75
Warping to a Line
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:85
Ren'Py supports warping to a line in the script, without the developer to play through the entire game to get there. While this warping technique has a number of warnings associated with it, it still may be useful in providing a live preview.
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:87
To invoke warping, run Ren'Py with the ``--warp`` command-line argument followed by a filename:line combination, to specify where you would like to warp to. For example ::
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:92
(Where `my_project` is the full path to the base directory of your project.)
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:98
When warping is invoked, Ren'Py does a number of things. It first finds all of the scene statements in the program. It then tries to find a path from the scene statements to every reachable statement in the game. It then picks the reachable statement closest to, but before or at, the given line. It works backwards from that statement to a scene statement, recording the path it took. Ren'Py then executes the scene statement and any show or hide statements found along that path. Finally, it transfers control to the found statement.
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:100
There are a number of fairly major caveats to the warp feature. The first is that it only examines a single path, which means that while the path may be representative of some route of execution, it's possible that there may be a bug along some other route. In general, the path doesn't consider game logic, so it's also possible to have a path that isn't actually reachable. (This is only really a problem on control-heavy games, especially those that use a lot of python code.
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Located in ../../source/developer_tools.rst:108
2130 of 37 results

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