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The sample rate that the sound card will be run at. If all of your wav files are of a lower rate, changing this to that rate may make things more efficient.
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Located in ../../source/config.rst:1030
A list of callbacks functions that are called with no arguments after the init phase, but before the game (including the splashscreen) starts. This is intended to be used by frameworks to initialize variables that will be saved.
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Located in ../../source/config.rst:1036
The default value of this variable includes callbacks that Ren'Py uses internally to implement features such as nvl-mode. New callbacks can be appended to this list, but the existing callbacks should not be removed.
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Located in ../../source/config.rst:1041
A list of functions that are called (without any arguments) when an interaction is started. These callbacks are not called when an interaction is restarted.
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Located in ../../source/config.rst:1048
This is a list of names of layers that are displayed above all other layers, and do not participate in a transition that is applied to all layers. If a layer name is listed here, it should not be listed in config.layers.
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Located in ../../source/config.rst:1054
This variable gives a list of all of the transient layers. Transient layers are layers that are cleared after each interaction. "transient" should always be in this list.
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Located in ../../source/config.rst:1061
If True, transforms will inherit :ref:`position properties <position-style-properties>` from their child. If not, they won't.
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Located in ../../source/config.rst:1067
A list of screen variants that are searched when choosing a screen to display to the user. This should always end with None, to ensure that the default screens are chosen. See :ref:`screen-variants`.
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Located in ../../source/config.rst:1072
A string that is formatted with the string argument to the voice statement to produce the filename that is played to the user. For example, if this is "{filename}.ogg", the ``voice "test"`` statement will play test.ogg.
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Located in ../../source/config.rst:1078
If not None, this should be a function that is called when a :ref:`with statement <with-statement>` occurs. This function can be responsible for putting up transient things on the screen during the transition. The function is called with a single argument, which is the transition that is occurring. It is expected to return a transition, which may or may not be the transition supplied as its argument.
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Located in ../../source/config.rst:1085
201210 of 210 results

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