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Conditional Statements
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Ren'Py includes several statements that can alter control flow based on expression values. (This is in addition to the :ref:`jump <jump-statement>`, :ref:`call <call-statement>` and :ref:`return <return-statement>` statements, which transfer control unconditionally.
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Note that is pages discusses statements that can be used inside Ren'Py script. Python code embedded in a Ren'Py game uses the Python while, if, and for statements, but can't embed Ren'Py script code.
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If Statement
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The if statement conditionally executes a block of code if a python expression is true. It consists of an ``if`` clause, zero or more ``elif`` clauses, and an optional``else`` clause.
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Each clause should be on its own logical line, followed by a block of statements. The ``if`` and ``elif`` clauses are followed by an expression, while all clauses end with a colon. (:)
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Examples are::
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The expressions in the if statement are evaluated in order, from first to last. When an expression evaluates to true, the block corresponding to that statement is executed. When control reaches the end of the block, it proceeds to the statement following the if statement.
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If all expressions evaluate to false, the block associated with the ``else`` clause is executed, if the ``else`` clause is present.
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While Statement
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