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pos - takes a pair, and uses it to set xpos and ypos.
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Located in ../../source/changelog.rst:1806
anchor - takes a pair, and uses it to set xanchor and yanchor.
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Located in ../../source/changelog.rst:1807
align - takes a pair, and uses it to set xalign and yalign. (And hence xpos, ypos, xanchor, and yanchor.)
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Located in ../../source/changelog.rst:1808
area - take (x, y, height, width) pair, and tries to set properties such that the displayable will be placed inside the rectangle. This sets the xpos, ypos, xanchor, yanchor, xfill, yfill, xminimum, yminimum, xmaximum, and ymaximum properties.
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Located in ../../source/changelog.rst:1810
ui.add can now take transform properties as keyword arguments. If at least one transform property is present, ui.add will create a transform that wraps the displayable it's adding to the screen.
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Located in ../../source/changelog.rst:1815
The new :func:`LiveTile` displayable tiles its child, without consuming a large amount of memory to do so.
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Located in ../../source/changelog.rst:1819
:var:`config.quit_action` allows one to specify an action that is run when the quit button (in the corner of the window) is pressed. config.game_menu_action allows one to specify an action that is run when entering the game menu.
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Located in ../../source/changelog.rst:1822
The :var:`config.screenshot_crop` configuration variable controls the area of the screen that it stored when the user presses the screenshot key.
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Located in ../../source/changelog.rst:1827
The :func:`` method now has two additional parameters, file_prefix and file_suffix. These are prepended and appended to filenames provided to the registered channel, respectively.
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Located in ../../source/changelog.rst:1830
The new :func:`renpy.list_files` method returns a list of files in the game directory and archives. This can be used to write your own automatic image loading method, among other things.
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Located in ../../source/changelog.rst:1834
531540 of 560 results

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