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If the value is followed by one or two knots, then spline motion is used. The starting point is the value of the property at the start of the interpolation, the end point is the property value, and the knots are used to control the spline.
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If the interpolation statement contains a "clockwise" or "counterclockwise" clause, circular motion is used, as described below.
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Otherwise, the value is linearly interpolated between the start and end locations, using the completion fraction.
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If a simple expression is present, it should evaluate to a transform with only a single interpolation statement, without a warper, splines, or circular motion. The properties from the transform are processed as if they were included in this statement.
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Some sample interpolations are::
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An important special case is that the pause warper, followed by a time and nothing else, causes ATL execution to pause for that amount of time.
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Some properties can have values of multiple types. For example, the xpos property can be an int, float, or absolute. The behavior is undefined when an interpolation has old and new property values of different types.
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Time Statement
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The time statement is a simple control statement. It contains a single simple_expression, which is evaluated to give a time, expressed as seconds from the start of execution of the containing block.
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When the time given in the statement is reached, the following statement begins to execute.This transfer of control occurs even if a previous statement is still executing, and causes any prior statement to immediately terminate.
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