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%s is a messaging client based on libpurple which is capable of connecting to multiple messaging services at once. %s is written in C using GTK+. %s is released, and may be modified and redistributed, under the terms of the GPL version 2 (or later). A copy of the GPL is distributed with %s. %s is copyrighted by its contributors, a list of whom is also distributed with %s. There is no warranty for %s.
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- Transparent authentication with a variety of services.
- Suppression of various useless messages.
- Bouncer support through account preference.
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<font color="#f80000"><i>Unable to find log path!</i></font>
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<font color='#c8c8c8'>Logged out.</font>
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<font size='4'><b>%s %s%s</b></font><br>[tab]Based on Pidgin <i>%s</i><br>[tab]Libpurple <i>%s</i><br>[tab]Package revision <i>%s</i><br>[tab]Build number <i>%s</i><br><br>
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<i><font color="#f80000">The logger has no read function</font></i>
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<span style="italic">Attention, this bypasses the proxy settings!</span>
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A multi-platform GUI toolkit, used by Pidgin++
Installer Subsection Detailed Description
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An instance of Pidgin++ is currently running. Please exit Pidgin++ and try again.
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