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Located in ../../general/noaccess2.php:34
Warning: period 0 reports cannot be used to show information back in time. Information contained in this kind of reports will be always reporting the most recent information
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Located in ../../enterprise/godmode/reporting/ ../../enterprise/godmode/reporting/ ../../enterprise/godmode/reporting/reporting_builder.template_item.php:1573 ../../enterprise/godmode/reporting/reporting_builder.template_item.php:4550 ../../godmode/reporting/reporting_builder.item_editor.php:1021 ../../godmode/reporting/reporting_builder.item_editor.php:5626
Users control filter
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Located in ../../enterprise/meta/advanced/collections.php:321 ../../godmode/users/user_list.php:309
This user has permissions to manage all. An admin user should not requiere additional group permissions, except for using Enterprise ACL.
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Located in ../../godmode/users/configure_user.php:884
Bulk plugin edit
(no translation yet)
Located in ../../godmode/massive/massive_operations.php:66
Plugins operations
(no translation yet)
Located in ../../godmode/menu.php:186 ../../godmode/massive/massive_operations.php:234
Error retrieving the plugin macros
(no translation yet)
Located in ../../godmode/massive/massive_edit_plugins.php:162
Error retrieving the module plugin macros
(no translation yet)
Located in ../../godmode/massive/massive_edit_plugins.php:193
Error retrieving the module plugin macros data
(no translation yet)
Located in ../../godmode/massive/massive_edit_plugins.php:211
Invalid macros array
(no translation yet)
Located in ../../godmode/massive/massive_edit_plugins.php:611
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