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Prices start at <strong>%(hourly_price)s / instance hour</strong> (around %(monthly_price)s/month USD if continuously running), not including Amazon EC2 server fees.
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OpenShot comes with a powerful key frame <strong>animation framework</strong>, capable of an unlimited number of key frames and animation possibilities. Key frames interpolation mode can be quadratic bezier curves, linear, or constant, which determines how the animated values are calculated.
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Tracks are used to layer images, videos, and audio in a project. You can create as many layers as needed, such as watermarks, background audio tracks, background videos, etc... Any transparency will show through the layer below it. Tracks can also be moved up, down, or locked.
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It's easy to get started! All you need is an Amazon EC2 account, and a little bit or RESTful programming knowledge. Prices start at <strong>%(hourly_price)s / instance hour</strong> (around %(monthly_price)s/month USD if continuously running), and scale up depending on the instance type. To launch your first instance of OpenShot Cloud API
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Multiple Donations - Thank You!
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Hand-crafted with %(heart_icon)s and 100&#37; <em>FREE</em> and open-source!
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Using our powerful animation framework, you can fade, slide, bounce, and animate anything in your video project.
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Changes can be distributed without the LGPL restrictions
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<strong>E-mail</strong> support w/ 24 hour response
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<strong>12</strong> months of updates included
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