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OpenShot comes with a powerful key frame <strong>animation framework</strong>, capable of an unlimited number of key frames and animation possibilities. Key frames interpolation mode can be quadratic bezier curves, linear, or constant, which determines how the animated values are calculated.
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When arranging clips in a video project, images on the higher tracks/layers will be displayed on top, and the lower tracks will be displayed behind them. Much like a stack of paper, items on top cover up items below them. And if you cut any holes out (i.e. transparency) the lower images will show though.
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Over <strong>40 vector title templates</strong> are included with OpenShot, which makes adding titles to your project fun and easy. You can also create your own SVG vector titles, and use those as templates instead. Quickly adjust the font, color, and text of your titles in our built-in title editor.
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Our video editing library (libopenshot) has been built with accuracy in mind. This allows OpenShot to finely adjust which frames are shown (and when). Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to step <strong>frame by frame</strong> through your video project.
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<strong>Control the power of time</strong> with OpenShot! Speed up and slow down clips. Reverse the direction of a video. Or manually animate the speed and direction of your clip as you wish, using our powerful key frame animation system.
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OpenShot has many great <strong>audio editing</strong> features built-in, such as displaying waveforms on the timeline, or even rendering the waveform as part of your video. You can also split the audio from your video clip, and adjust each audio channel individually.
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OpenShot includes many video effects (with more on the way). Drag a video effect onto your clip, and adjust it's properties (many which can be animated). Adjust brightness, gamma, hue, greyscale, chroma key, and much more! Combined with transitions, animation, and time control, OpenShot is an <strong>extremely powerful</strong> video editor.
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It's easy to get started! All you need is an Amazon EC2 account, and a little bit or RESTful programming knowledge. Prices start at <strong>%(hourly_price)s / instance hour</strong> (around %(monthly_price)s/month USD if continuously running), and scale up depending on the instance type. To launch your first instance of OpenShot Cloud API
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