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Translated by OpenIntents devs on 2012-01-09
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OI About is a standalone about dialog that is shared between apps.
Description of application
بۇ OI About ئەپلەر ئارىسىدىكى ھەققىدە سۆزلەشكۈدۇر.
Translated and reviewed by Sahran on 2012-11-01
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This application is invoked through the menu of other OI applications.
(no translation yet)
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It allows you to view version information, links, credits, and license of an application.
ئەپنىڭ نەشر ئۇچۇرى، ئۇلانما، تۆھپىكارلار ۋە ئىجازەتنامىلىرىنى كۆرۈشىڭىزگە يول قويىدۇ.
Translated and reviewed by Sahran on 2012-11-01
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Credits include authors, documentation, translators, and artists.
(no translation yet)
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All of this functionality is brought together in a simplistic and efficient layout.
(no translation yet)
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This application is ad free and does not require the internet permission.
بۇ ئەپتە ئېلان يوق، ئىنتېرنېت ھوقۇقى تەلەپ قىلمايدۇ.
Translated and reviewed by Sahran on 2011-12-27
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The source code of this free and open source application is available at:
كودى ئوچۇق بۇ ئەپنىڭ ئەسلى كودى:
Translated and reviewed by Sahran on 2011-12-27
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For the complete list of changes and a list of frequently asked questions, please visit:
ئۆزگىرىشنىڭ تەپسىلىي تىزىمىنى تۆۋەندىكى ئادرېستىن كۆرۈڭ:
Translated and reviewed by Sahran on 2011-12-27
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You can help to improve the translation into your language at Launchpad:
بۇ ئەپنى Launchpad تە ئۆز تىلىڭىزغا تەرجىمە قىلالايسىز:
Translated and reviewed by Sahran on 2011-12-27
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