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<p>The following files have been superseded by new versions, but you have overrides/customisations blocking the new versions. Look into this and consider reincorporating your changes into our new version. If this is not done, bugs (potentially security holes) may occur, or be left unfixed. If you edited using an inbuilt editor, the file on which you based it will be saved as <kbd>file.editfrom</kbd>: you may use a tool such as <a href="" target="_blank">WinMerge</a> to compare the <kbd>editfrom</kbd> file to your own, and then apply those same changes to the latest version of the file.</p><ul>{1}</ul>
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Located in [strings]WARNING_FILE_OUTDATED
<p>The following alien files were found in ocPortal and possibly should be deleted. It may be that these files are remnants of the previous version or files from uninstalled addons (these ones are pre-ticked/checked), and they may cause problems if left behind. Please check each file to see what it is, and if you believe it to be an outdated file, delete it. Please take a backup first though!</p><ul>{1}</ul>
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Located in [strings]WARNING_FILE_ALIEN
A module file, <kbd>{1}</kbd>, was apparently moved from the &ldquo;<kbd>{2}</kbd>&rdquo; zone to the &ldquo;<kbd>{3}</kbd>&rdquo; zone previously.
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Located in [strings]FILE_MOVED
<p>The upgrader has detected that some ocPortal modules were probably previously moved. However because the new ocPortal files have been uploaded, the new ocPortal module files are back where they used to be. You therefore need to do the moving again, overwriting the old versions that were previously moved.</p><ul>{1}</ul>
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Located in [strings]WARNING_MOVED_MODULES
<p>If you need to do a file extraction or permission-fixing, then you'll probably need to enter <abbr title="File Transfer Protocol">FTP</abbr> details below. If you don't need to do these, then blank out the fields (otherwise the upgrader will try to connect and fail if the details are incorrect).</p>
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Located in [strings]FU_FTP_INFO
<strong>Take</strong> and <strong>test</strong> a backup, using whatever backup tools you are used to (integrated web-hosting-control-panel tools recommended where available)
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Located in [strings]FU_TAKE_BACKUP
Check missing/excess permissions, but do not fix them
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Located in [strings]FU_CHECK_PERMISSIONS
Check and fix missing permissions
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Located in [strings]FU_FIX_PERMISSIONS
Transfer across new/updated files
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Located in [strings]FU_DOWNLOAD
Do a file integrity scan, *with* automatic theme upgrading
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Located in [strings]FU_INTEGRITY_SCAN
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