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The staff page provides a page listing all the staff on the site. By default, staff are anyone who is a super-moderator or super-administrator (if the inbuilt forum system is being used then this means anyone who is a member of these usergroups), but if the staff filter is enabled, you can determine exactly who counts as staff. It is recommended that the staff filter is not enabled, because for the vast majority of sites, it only adds unnecessary complexity.\n\nIn a few places, being 'staff' gives certain hard-coded permissions: these are rare, however as usually permissions are given purely on the basis of usergroup membership. The main usefulness of the staff concept is simply presentational - staff are listed on the site staff page along with their details.
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Staff member: {1}
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Edit staff
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Add staff
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The following forms allow you to configure staff settings for each of the super-moderators/administrators on the website.
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The role they perform (e.g. news poster).
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Real name
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The staff filter is turned on, which means that only members in the administrator usergroup, or members in the super-moderator usergroup who are set to be staff on this site, are staff. You can add and remove super-moderators from the site staff here, but you must use the forums to make members super-moderators before they can become staff.
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The staff filter is turned off, which means that any member in the super-moderator or administrator usergroups is a member of staff on this site. To add new staff, add members to the correct usergroup in the normal way. It is strongly recommended that you leave the filter off unless you fully understand how it works and why you want it on.
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