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The number of points awarded for adding a quiz.
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Located in [strings]CONFIG_OPTION_points_ADD_QUIZ
There are three kinds of quiz:\n - surveys, which simply collect results (there are no correct answers)\n - tests, which people may pass or fail\n - competitions, which have results and possibly, a winner\n\nAll quizzes consist of a series of questions.\n\nQuizzes are a very powerful tool for you to bring a level of interactive community that few other websites have, or for which other websites rely on the services of external websites for.
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Located in [strings]DOC_QUIZZES
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Located in [strings]SURVEY
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Located in [strings]SURVEYS
Find game winner
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Located in [strings]FIND_WINNER
The text should consist of question blocks, each question block having a blank line between it and the next. The first line of a question block is the question, and subsequent lines are multiple choice answers; you may opt to not provide any answers, for a survey style response.<br /><br />If a question is followed by <kbd>[LONG]</kbd> then it will be given a long text field to be inputted. If a question is followed by <kbd>[REQUIRED]</kbd> then it will have to be comp. If a question is followed by <kbd>[*]</kbd> then any number of answers may be chosen; likewise, if an answer is followed by <kbd>[*]</kbd> then it is considered &lsquo;correct&rsquo; (this is very important for competitions and tests). You may put a line starting with a &lsquo;:&rsquo; and followed by an explanation, below each answer to a question, which will be displayed with the correct answer as the explanation specifically why the given answer was wrong or right, once the quiz has been completed.
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Located in [strings]IMPORT_QUESTIONS_TEXT
You are repeating this too soon. Please come back after {1}
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Located in [strings]REPEATING_TOO_SOON
This {1} is not currently open
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Located in [strings]NOT_OPEN_THIS
You have run out of time.
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Located in [strings]OUT_OF_TIME
You have {1} {1|second|seconds} remaining.
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Located in [strings]TIME_REMAINING
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