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This section allows you to modify all settings related to security (including staff, usergroups and censorship).\n\nThere is a vast array of settings here, particularly the 'Permissions tree editor', which you will find very useful for identifying and setting permissions across your whole website.\n\nocProducts takes all security considerations very seriously, so many internal security mechanisms are provided that you shouldn't need to manually configure. Thus, they are not presented in this section.
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Pages can be edited with the [abbr="What You See Is What You Get"]WYSIWYG[/abbr] editor, but you can add in extra things such as blocks or text effects, using Comcode (that's what the square brackets are for).\n\n[title="3"]A note on accessibility[/title]\n\nWhen writing for any kind of publication, it is important to use clear language which is appropriate for the audience you are targeting. Using good grammar and spelling not only makes your text correct, but most importantly, it makes it easier to read and understand - a small conscious effort will lead to a significant improvement for all your readers.\n\nFor your text to be accessible to those with certain kinds of disability, you should make sure:\n - colour is not used alone to convey information\n - text is well-spaced into logical paragraphs\n - if you are writing a long piece of text, consider using headings and an index (the software can maintain the index for you if you use the 'contents' Comcode tag)\n - Specify the expansion of each abbreviation or acronym in a document where it first occurs\n - Place distinguishing information at the beginning of headings, paragraphs, and lists, so that your text may be quickly understood on its first read\n - use clear, precise, and understandable language: avoid complex words unless there is a good reason for them
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All captions must be filled-in
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Located in [strings]MISSING_CAPTION_ERROR
All URL fields for childless branches must be filled-in
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Located in [strings]MISSING_URL_ERROR
Are you sure you wish to overwrite the currently selected link?
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There is rarely a reason to delete a menu, but if you do wish to, click the ‘Delete’ button. Please note that if you have blocks referencing this menu and you delete it, those blocks will indicate that there is a ‘missing menu’.
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Add branch (e.g. another link)
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Located in [strings]ADD_BRANCH
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Located in [strings]BRANCH
Branch type
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Located in [strings]BRANCH_TYPE
Contracted branch
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Located in [strings]CONTRACTED_BRANCH
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