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There is quite a lot to learn to do translation properly. Make sure you read the <a target="_blank" title="translation tutorial: (this link will open in a new window)" href="">translation tutorial</a> carefully. Consider using <a target="_blank" title="Launchpad: (this link will open in a new window)" href="{1}">Launchpad</a>, so that you and other's can work together. ocPortal can <a href="{3}">export <kbd>po</kbd> files for Launchpad</a>, if you have made translations locally. <kbd>po</kbd> files from Launchpad can be used directly in ocPortal: place the <kbd>po</kbd> files in the <kbd>lang_custom/{2}</kbd> directory after deleting any <kbd>lang_custom/{2}/*.ini</kbd> files (obviously only do this if you have already sent any changes you have made up to Launchpad). Many people like to work from inside ocPortal to get direct results, often using the "Translate/re-phrase the software" in the developer tool dropdown in the footer to translate screens individually; but Launchpad allows sharing and has much more powerful editing features.
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29 of 34 results

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