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English: Database hostname. Explanation: A 'host' is a computer which holds something. In this case, the computer on which the given database is running.
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Located in [descriptions]DATABASE_HOST
English: /home/you/httpdocs. Explanation: Translate 'you' only.
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Located in [descriptions]FILE_BASE_EXAMPLE
You appear to either be on a suexec server. That's great because it means your site will be more secure and you will not need to set the extra permissions mentioned in the installation tutorial.
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Located in [strings]SUEXEC_SERVER
You appear to be on a server with permissions already set. This may be because you're on a Windows or Mac server and the <abbr title="Access Control Listing">acl</abbr>s are set to grant 'recursive access'. Therefore you will not need to set any of the permissions mentioned in the installation tutorial.
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Located in [strings]RECURSIVE_SERVER
You appear to be on a Windows server, without recursive <abbr title="Access Control Listing">acl</abbr> settings set. Read the <a title="advanced installation: (this link will open in a new window)" target="_blank" href="">advanced installation</a> tutorial for advice.
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This server appears to have a relatively slow hard disk, or is overloaded &ndash; we had to skip checking the integrity of the uploaded files as it was taking too long.
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Located in [strings]INSTALL_SLOW_SERVER
You appear to have a firewall on your server somehow preventing <abbr title="File Transfer Protocol">FTP</abbr> data transfers that originate from the server. Sorry, you'll need to use the manual-extraction installer instead of this quick installer.
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Located in [strings]FTP_FIREWALL_ERROR
The licence must be agreed to. If you did agree to the licence, then you may be running the installer from a URL that does invisible redirections that cause form data to be lost. Try variants of the installer URL with and without <kbd>www.</kbd> in it &ndash; if problems still occur, contact your web host.
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Located in [strings]INST_POST_ERROR
There is no PHP GD extension on the server (no PHP graphics functionality). Officially ocPortal requires this, and a number of very useful features will not work without it (such as automatic thumbnail generation).
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Located in [strings]NO_GD_ON_SERVER
There is no PHP XML availability on the server (the PHP XML extension is not available). This means certain functionality, such as the displaying of <abbr title="Really Simple Syndication">RSS</abbr> and Atom feeds, will not be able to function.
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Located in [strings]NO_XML_ON_SERVER
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