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When writing for any kind of publication, it is important to use clear language which is appropriate for the audience you are targeting. Using good grammar and spelling not only makes your text correct, but most importantly, it makes it easier to read and understand - a small conscious effort will lead to a significant improvement for all your readers.\n\nFor your text to be accessible to those with certain kinds of disability, you should make sure:\n - colour is not used alone to convey information\n - text is well-spaced into logical paragraphs\n - if you are writing a long piece of text, consider using headings and an index (the software can maintain the index for you if you use the 'contents' Comcode tag)\n - Specify the expansion of each abbreviation or acronym in a document where it first occurs\n - Place distinguishing information at the beginning of headings, paragraphs, and lists, so that your text may be quickly understood on its first read\n - use clear, precise, and understandable language: avoid complex words unless there is a good reason for them
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Located in [strings]DOC_WRITING
Use Comcode pages to build your own website pages, independently of any predefined structure.
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Located in [strings]DOC_COMCODE_PAGE_EDIT
The add-new-page wizard helps you to add new pages to your site without having to use the full Site Tree interface and then manually add them to menus. It is designed to help beginners quickly build up a site with a number of custom pages.
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Located in [strings]DOC_PAGE_WIZARD
Unfortunately you do not have Javascript support enabled in your web browser, which means this advanced editor can not function. You are now being redirected to a a screen where you can choose from a number of more primitive editing screens.
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Unfortunately you do not have Javascript support enabled in your web browser, which means this advanced editor can not function. You are now being redirected to a a screen where you can use the more basic (but not limiting) zone management forms.
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Zones are the software's method for supporting sub-sites. The website directory structure could be heavily simplified from the user's point of view, to be as follows:\n - (root directory)\n - adminzone\n - docs\n - forum\n - cms\n - site\n - personalzone\n - collaboration\nEach entry in this list, including the root directory, is a 'zone'. A zone groups pages into URL-segregated directories, and can be individually configured. New zones may be added, existing zones deleted, and pages created in and moved between zones.
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Located in [strings]DOC_ZONES
The [concept]zone editor[/concept] is a user-friendly editor to edit details for a zone, and all panels within the zone, simultaneously. It has the ability to preview changes easily, without having to switch between the Admin Zone and the zone being edited.\n\nThe Zone Editor makes use of special tabs to fit everything together, with each panel/page getting its own tab-set. The tabs provided are: view, edit, details, and settings (except for the panels).
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Located in [strings]DOC_ZONE_EDITOR
The [concept]Site Tree editor[/concept] allows you to see a complete view of all structure and content on the website. It provides features to manipulate the structure and content.
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Located in [strings]DOC_SITE_TREE_EDITOR
Users with Javascript enabled have access to the Site Tree editor. Because you do not have Javascript enabled (or you manually accessed this entry-point), you are using the legacy page manipulation tools.
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Located in [strings]DOC_PAGES
If you wish this panel to not show, you may simply leave its Comcode blank.
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Located in [strings]DELETE_BY_EMPTYING
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