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Authors are entities that literally are recorded as having authored some entry on your website. Authors are distinct from normal member profiles- in fact, there is nothing to say an author of an entry is even present on your website (it may have been submitted by a member, but authored by a company, for example). i.e. There is no guarantee that an author of an entry is going to have a member account on the system.\n\nThe following types of content support the author system:\n - news\n - downloads\nAssociation between authors and members is supported, either automatically by sharing a common name (author = username) or by manual configuration. If OCF (the inbuilt forum and member system) is used then this binding is strongest as a link to a members associated author profile (if it exists) is presented on said member's profile screen.
Autoret jane entitete te cilet jane rregjistruar si te tille duke pervetsuar disa shkrime ne faqen tone. Autoret vecohen nga profilet normale te perdoruesve - ne fakt, nuk ka asgje per te thene nje autor per nje shkrim eshte edhe me i pranishem ne faqe (mund te jete postuar nga nje perdorues, por nen te drejtat e nje kompanie Nuk eshte e garantuar qe nje autor i nje postimi mund te kete dhe nje llogari perdoruesi ne sistem.\n\nTipet e metejshme te perberjes, mbeshtesin autorin e sistemit:\n - lajme\n - downloads\nBashkepunimi ndermejet perdoruesve dhe autoreve eshte e pranueshme, ose dhe duke perdorur nje emer te perbashket (author = username) ose me konfigurim manual. N.q.s OCF (Forumi inbuilt dhe sistemi antereve) eshte perdorur atehere eshte me e forte lidhja e nje antari bashkangjitur nje autori(n.q.s ekziston) the shfaqet ne profilin e antareve.
Translated and reviewed by Argur Kasemi on 2012-02-06
Located in [strings]DOC_AUTHORS
1 of 29 results

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