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Authors are entities that literally are recorded as having authored some entry on your website. Authors are distinct from normal member profiles- in fact, there is nothing to say an author of an entry is even present on your website (it may have been submitted by a member, but authored by a company, for example). i.e. There is no guarantee that an author of an entry is going to have a member account on the system.\n\nThe following types of content support the author system:\n - news\n - downloads\nAssociation between authors and members is supported, either automatically by sharing a common name (author = username) or by manual configuration. If OCF (the inbuilt forum and member system) is used then this binding is strongest as a link to a members associated author profile (if it exists) is presented on said member's profile screen.
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Located in [strings]DOC_AUTHORS
The numerical ID associated with the author's member account, or the username, if you prefer. Be careful to not enter an incorrect ID/username, as this would result in the author being disassociated with the correct member. You may leave this field blank if you want the author to be linked to your own member profile.
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Located in [strings]DESCRIPTION_MEMBER_ID
For example: <tt></tt> or <tt></tt>.
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Located in [strings]DESCRIPTION_AUTHOR_URL
Define author
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Located in [strings]DEFINE_AUTHOR
Define author: {1}
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Located in [strings]_DEFINE_AUTHOR
There is no author profile defined for &ldquo;{1}&rdquo; on this website.
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Located in [strings]NO_SUCH_AUTHOR
There is no author profile defined for &ldquo;{1}&rdquo; on this website.<br />You may <a href="{2}">define one</a> now if you wish.
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