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For days upon end the Specks tried to speak to the giant to find out if he was friend or foe, to no avail. His form of speech sounded toolow-down, deep and loud; it reminded them too much of the rumbling growl that came from deep within his body. The Specks did not not like it andthey did not understand it. They could not even tell where one syllable ended and the next began; and comprehending sentences was totally impossible.To avoid hearing him speak, the Specks fed him constantly. The Specks of Rilonate did not keep a guard posted where the giant was staying; theycould never have overpowered him. In any case, the giant never treatened them. King Rilonate had in mind to win over the giant's confidence so thathe might be employed to stomp on the Specks of Rod. King Rilonate often went to Screnchy Park to speak to the giant. He wanted to impress the giant, so he had the best acrobats from the Rilonate Circus come visit him. The king commanded the unicyclist to do loop-the-loops inside the ring on the giant's head, while a high-diver did trick dives off his huge lips into a barrel of water at the giant's feet. During these demonstrations of thecircus performers' expertise, the giant did nothing but stand still and smile. Even while there were trapeze artists swinging from the three spikesthat stuck out from his chest, the giant stood like a stone sculpture with a silly grin on his face. King Rilonate redoubled his efforts to continueto try to communicate with the giant once he saw that the giant would not harm the circus performers as they climbed and swung upon his body.
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7 of 29 results

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