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In the eighth month on the twentyseventh day, during the eleventh year of the first century of the second millennium of the Oobla SenchterHakkt, the Specks of Rilonate woke up to find a strange being of gigantic size asleep in Screnchy Park. There was a pond by his head where hehad drooled while he slept. A crowd of Specks gathered around the titan as the morning hours went by. The larger the crowd grew, the morethe Specks talked among themselves. The hubbub finally became so loud that the giant awoke and sat up. The giant showed his great teeth andgrowled at them from deep within his huge body. The Specks fed him for fear of being eaten alive. The giant could easily have thrown three orfour of them into his mouth at once. He was very bizzare looking, even for a giant; he was like nothing they had ever seen before. His head hada ring of flesh on it that started almost at the very top then looped down and joined the head again at the jaw. Three Specks, one on top of theother, could have stood up inside the ring. He had huge lips with which he covered his enormous teeth, while the Specks had no lips at all. Abovethe lips, almost to the top of the face, were two ballshaped things that had one dot within each of them. The giant seemed to use them to observethings, since the dots moved and pointed at whoever was speaking to him. His torso was short for his size, while his legs were extremely long. Outof his chest stuck three spiked horns.
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6 of 29 results

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