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Translated and reviewed by Vendelín Slezák
Quater made his next being with a form closer to his own. He attempted to duplicate himself, but because he was not as good of a man-builder as Father, the being was not quite a perfect duplicate.
Quater chcel aby ďaľšia bytosť vyzerala podobne ako on. Ale keďže nevedel tak dobre formovať ako Otec, nebolo to úplne dokonalé.
Translated and reviewed by Vendelín Slezák
Bertbert was given powers of speech and reason, but he could not grasp that he was different from Quater. He thought he was Quater and instantly made seven of his own crowns and started making his own people in his own image. Because Bertbert was an even worse being-maker than Quater, each generation looked worse and worse. By the last generation, Bertbert's beings were not even alive, they just looked like blobs of meat.
Bertbert si myslel že je Quater a tak si hneď spravil sedem korún a začal formovať bytosti. Išlo mu to však veľmi zle a každá ďaľšia bytosť vyzerala horšie a horšie, až tá posledná ako kúsky mäsa.
Translated and reviewed by Vendelín Slezák
The lineage of Bertbert:
Rodokmeň Bertbertových bytostí:
Translated and reviewed by Vendelín Slezák
Empowered by Quater to create, Bertbert, believing that he himself was Quater, begat another Bertbert.
Bertbert vytvoril ďaľšieho Bertberta.
Translated and reviewed by Vendelín Slezák
This second Bertbert begat Bredbad, a weak attempt at a Bertbert; but with a speech impediment.
Druhý Bertbert vytvoril Bredbada ktorý zle rozprával.
Translated and reviewed by Vendelín Slezák
Bredbad was a wise being. The most wise of all, it has been said, although no one knows exactly who said that, but it stuck. He did not write down any of his wisdom, but his son Bridabrack the Literal transcribed Bredbad's lectures...
Bredbad bol múdry. Jeho múdrosti zapísal jeho syn Bridabrak.
Translated and reviewed by Vendelín Slezák
The Wisdom of Bredbad, the son of Bertbert, the son of Bertbert:I am not good by nature nor am I naturally happy.But if I fall it is a fault of my own not my mom or pappy.I have been the witness of one thousand fallen.For this I am not fortunate.For me it is torture-nate.I ponder these 'til I am withered and sullen.Power is pleasant if served under glass, or eaten like pheasant causing my voice to rasp.The killer be killed, the dancing man stilled. When bees of plenty sting my heart many.I emaciate... thinner, thinner... thinner.
Mudrosti Bredbada, syna Bertberta, syna Bertberta:
Nie som dokonalý, ale nesťažujem sa.
Ak robím chyby, nehovorím že ich spravil niekto iný.
Rýchlejšie ďalej zájdeš.
Vo všetkých prácach treba byť usilovný ako včela.
Keď.. hmmm...
Translated and reviewed by Vendelín Slezák
Found are the three ways of Bablon:1. FEAR- It eats itself like a snake down a hill and finds nourishment there.The bigger it gets the more it eats until it is everywhere.2. GREED- Unlike fear it shrinks until the snake is something small and despicable.Smelling like a torch when mixed with hair.3. VANITY- Is the snake thinking he has strong legs that can jump the stream. He floats belly-up when caught in this snare.
Sú tri veci na ktoré si musíme dávať pozor:
1.STRACH - Čím viac sa budeme báť, tým viac ho bude.
2.CHAMTIVOSŤ - Keď sa jej podvolíme, nikdy jej nebude dosť.
3.MÁRNIVOSŤ - Môže nás stáť celý majetok.
Translated and reviewed by Vendelín Slezák
I will share with you my comings and goings if you will listen.You will join me on these journeys if you hasten. We will perish if you do not.Bredbad, having no point of reference but himself, begat Bridabrack the Literal.
Robíte dobre keď budete dodržiavať tieto rady. Zahyniete ak tak nebudete robiť. Toto zapísal Bridabrak.
Translated and reviewed by Vendelín Slezák
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