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Located in mosquitto.conf.5.xml:71(option)
Boolean value that determines whether clients that connect without providing a username are allowed to connect. If set to false then a password file should be created (see the password_file option) to control authenticated client access. Defaults to true.
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Located in mosquitto.conf.5.xml:73(para)
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Located in mosquitto.conf.5.xml:81(option)
The number of seconds that mosquitto will wait between each time it saves the in-memory database to disk. If set to 0, the in-memory database will only be saved when mosquitto exits or when receiving the SIGUSR1 signal. Note that this setting only has an effect if persistence is enabled. Defaults to 1800 seconds (30 minutes).
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Located in mosquitto.conf.5.xml:83(para)
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Located in mosquitto.conf.5.xml:93(option)
Listen for incoming network connections on the specified IP address/hostname only. This is useful to restrict access to certain network interfaces. To restrict access to mosquitto to the local host only, use "bind_address localhost". This only applies to the default listener. Use the listener variable to control other listeners.
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Located in mosquitto.conf.5.xml:95(para)
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Located in mosquitto.conf.5.xml:104(option)
If defined, only clients that have a clientid with a prefix that matches clientid_prefixes will be allowed to connect to the broker. For example, setting "secure-" here would mean a client "secure-client" could connect but another with clientid "mqtt" couldn't. By default, all client ids are valid.
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Located in mosquitto.conf.5.xml:106(para)
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Located in mosquitto.conf.5.xml:115(option)
Listen for incoming network connection on the specified port. A second optional argument allows the listener to be bound to a specific ip address/hostname. If this variable is used and neither bind_address nor port are used then the default listener will not be started. This option may be specified multiple times.
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Located in mosquitto.conf.5.xml:117(para)
1120 of 86 results

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