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[hit enter]
stdio UI plugin says this for "OK"-only msgboxes. "%0" is the message
box's text content. "[hit enter]" should be translated, too! It's
trying to tell the application's user that they should press the
key that is normally used to complete a line of text at a terminal's
There are line breaks here. Each one represents a line break. Start a new line in the equivalent position in the translation.
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BUG: write_manifest requires Lua parser support
This is shown if the config file wants us to install a manifest (a list
of everything we wrote to disk) but didn't enable Lua parser support
in the binary, which they need to handle Lua source code without
compiling it first (as it needs to be "parsed")...the manifest is
ultimately just an uncompiled Lua program that the installer generates.
This is a bug the developer must fix before shipping her installer.
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BUG: Invalid format() string
If there's a string in the program that needs be formatted with
%0, %1, etc, and it specifies an invalid sequence like "%z", this
error pops up to inform the programmer/translator.
"format()" is a proper name in this case (program function name)
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BUG: stage returned wrong type
The program runs in "stages" and as it transitions from one stage to
another, it has to report some data about what happened during the
stage. A programming bug may cause unexpected type of data to be
reported, causing this error to pop up.
(no translation yet)
BUG: stepped back over start of stages
The program runs in "stages", which can in many cases be revisited
by the user clicking the "Back" button. If the program has a bug
that allows the user to click "Back" on the initial stage, this
error pops up.
(no translation yet)
BUG: Unhandled data type
This happens if there's an unusual case when writing out Lua scripts
to disk. This should never be seen by an end-user.
(no translation yet)
BUG: Can't duplicate tar inputs
This is triggered by a logic bug in the i/o subsystem.
This should never be seen by an end-user.
"tar" is a proper name in this case (it's a file format).
(no translation yet)
BUG: Unexpected value
This is a generic error message when a programming bug produced a
result we weren't expecting (a negative number when we expected
positive, etc...)
(no translation yet)
BUG: Config %0 %1
Buggy config elements:
This is supposed to be a config element (%0) and something that's wrong
with it (%1), such as "BUG: Config Package::description not a string"
The grammar can be imperfect here; this is a developer error, not an
end-user error, so we haven't made this very flexible.
(no translation yet)
invalid string
This is an error string for a buggy config element. See notes above.
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