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Login form
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|new in Mahara 15.04| :index:`You <single: New in Mahara 15.04; Hide login form>` can hide the login form entirely if your Mahara instance generally only connects to an external authentication method such as MNet or CAS. In these cases, your users will need to log in via a different site and seeing the login form on the homepage may only be confusing.
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:index:`You can hide <single: config.php; Hide login form>` the login form by adding the value ``$cfg->showloginsideblock = false;`` to your *config.php* file. Once you have done that, only a link to the login form is displayed for an administrator to log into the site.
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Link to the login form
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Your homepage is your dashboard from which you can access a number of areas in Mahara conveniently.
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**Your name**: Your name is displayed to indicate who is logged in esp. when viewing portfolio pages where the profile block is not visible. This feature is only present when :ref:`small page headers <small_headers>` are not turned on. You can click on it to go to your profile page.
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:ref:`If an administrator masquerades as another user <login_as>`, this name helps to check quickly, in which account actions are undertaken.
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**Search**: :index:`Search <single: Fulltext search>` for users who have an account to view their profile page and check which pages they have made accessible to you. If your site has fulltext search available, you can search for anything on the site using this search box.
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**Quick links**: These :ref:`quick links <dashboard_quick_links>` take you directly to certain areas of Mahara.
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**User-specific information**: You can customise :ref:`this area <user_specific_information>` on your dashboard to put blocks there that you want to see every time you log in.
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