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The **`** is an accent mark and not a straight single quote.
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Translators beware
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Do not change the target for internal links that is placed between < >. If you do, the reference cannot be found. There should always be an explanatory text right before the pointy brackets. You can change that.
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Similarly, you can change the text for a URL but not the URL itself unless you want to replace it with a URL to a site in your language.
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If you translate the screenshots and other images, please ensure that you keep the folder structure of the "images" folder as you can see in the respective branch of the manual version you are editing on `Gitorious <>`_.
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You can find original images used for the manual in the folder "images_original" and then their respective subfolders. You can use them for your own translations if you only want to exchange the background but keep the callouts.
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You do not have to redo any images that you do not "translate", e.g. block icons, general buttons around Mahara and the text editor buttons. Any images that are not in your translation will be taken from the English original.
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The user manual is updated once a day and new translation strings pulled in from Launchpad and images uploaded to Git prior to the compilation of the manual.
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Currently, not everything can be translated in Sphinx. Hopefully, later versions will fix that.
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If you want to mention the names of the main translators of the user manual for your language, you can add a sentence right after "The Mahara user manual is written by Mahara community members." That paragraph appears before the table of contents. There is no equivalent sentence in the English manual because it is not a translation.
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5160 of 60 results

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