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**Site name**: Choose a name for your Mahara instance. It appears in certain places around the site, e.g. in the title bar of the browser, and in emails sent from the site. Therefore, it should not be too long.
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**Language**: Set the default language for your site. If you have multiple language packs installed, you see a drop-down menu. Otherwise, the standard language, English, is displayed.
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**Country**: The country selected is the default for country selections throughout your Mahara installation, e.g. in :ref:`contact information <contact_info>`.
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**Theme**: Mahara comes with a number of themes that you can use. Choose one from the drop-down menu to make it the default theme for your site. If you have :ref:`institutions <site_admin_institutions>` set up, they can choose their own theme.
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**Show homepage information**: If enabled, information about Mahara and how it is used is displayed on the Mahara homepage for logged-out and the dashboard for logged-in users. Logged-in users can disable this. See also :ref:`Quick links <dashboard_quick_links>`.
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**Send weekly updates?**: If checked, your site send weekly updates to ` <>`_ with some statistics about your site. See also :ref:`Register your Mahara site <mahara_registration>`.
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You can install more language packs. There is a `complete list of them <>`_ as well as `more information about the language packs <>`_ on the wiki.
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User settings
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**Users can choose page themes**: If this setting is enabled, users can select a theme for their portfolio page. The page is displayed with this theme to other users. Thus, an institution or site theme can be overwritten.
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**Display remote avatars**: If checked, users' default profile pictures will be their `Gravatar <>`_ pictures (:ref:`remote avatar <remote_avatar>`). Users will need an account with Gravatar for this to work.
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