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Journal entries with tag %2$s
Journal entries with tags %2$s
artefact/blog/blocktype/taggedposts/lang/en.utf8/blocktype.taggedposts.php blockheadingtags
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Translated and reviewed by Joost Elshoff on 2021-01-11
Blogberichten met tags %2$s
Translated and reviewed by Joost Elshoff on 2021-01-11
Located in artefact/blog/blocktype/taggedposts/lang/en.utf8/blocktype.taggedposts.php blockheadingtags
Save draft
artefact/peerassessment/blocktype/peerassessment/lang/en.utf8/blocktype.peerassessment.php savedraft
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Located in artefact/peerassessment/blocktype/peerassessment/lang/en.utf8/blocktype.peerassessment.php savedraft
Imported peer assessment
artefact/peerassessment/lang/en.utf8/artefact.peerassessment.php importedassessment
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Located in artefact/peerassessment/lang/en.utf8/artefact.peerassessment.php importedassessment
The email address is missing.
auth/ldap/lang/en.utf8/auth.ldap.php emailmissing
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Located in auth/ldap/lang/en.utf8/auth.ldap.php emailmissing
Unable to remove %s file. Please delete the file and then run "make ssphp" again.
auth/saml/lang/en.utf8/auth.saml.php samlneedtoremovephar
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Located in auth/saml/lang/en.utf8/auth.saml.php samlneedtoremovephar
Are you sure you want to delete this external app?
auth/webservice/lang/en.utf8/auth.webservice.php confirmdeleteexternalapp
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Located in auth/webservice/lang/en.utf8/auth.webservice.php confirmdeleteexternalapp
<p>To display information about a person's course completions from an external site you need to set up the following:</p>
<li>Have the 'blocktype/courseinfo' plugin active.</li>
<li>Have 'Allow outgoing web service requests' turned on in 'Administration menu → Web services → Configuration' and have the 'Rest' protocol active.</li>
<li>Go to 'Administration menu → Web services → Connection manager' and choose the institution for which you want to establish the connection. Then choose the 'PluginBlocktypeCourseinfo:courseinfo - Course completion' option in the drop-down menu and click 'Add'.</li>
<li>Fill in the form with the following:
<li>Name: Give this instance a name, e.g. 'Institution A: Moodle'.</li>
<li>Connection enabled: Set to 'Yes'.</li>
<li>Web service type: Choose 'REST'.</li>
<li>Auth type: Choose 'Token'.</li>
<li>Web service URL: Set to the URL of the external source's REST server, e.g. https://moodle/webservice/rest/server.php.</li>
<li>Token: Set to the token generated on the external service's side that has access to the exteral functions that are required here.</li>
<li>Fixed parameters to pass: Add any special parameters that the URL needs to pass, e.g. for Moodle you need to add 'moodlewsrestformat=json'.</li>
<li>JSON encoded: Set to 'Yes'.</li>
<li>External function for account ID: Set this to the external service's function that can return an ID based on the email address, e.g. for Moodle 'core_user_get_users_by_field'.</li>
<li>External function for course completion: Set this to the external service's function that can return course completion information based on the account ID supplied, e.g. for Moodle a custom function such as 'local_client_get_course_completion_data'.</li>
<li>Save the form.</li>
<p>Now when a person adds the 'Course completion' block to their page, it will fetch their external account ID, save it against the block, and then when viewing the page, it will fetch the completed courses for that account ID.</p>
blocktype/courseinfo/lang/en.utf8/blocktype.courseinfo.php plugininfo
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Located in blocktype/courseinfo/lang/en.utf8/blocktype.courseinfo.php plugininfo
Watchlist notification
blocktype/watchlist/lang/en.utf8/blocktype.watchlist.php watchlistnotification
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Located in blocktype/watchlist/lang/en.utf8/blocktype.watchlist.php watchlistnotification
Watchlist notification delay
blocktype/watchlist/lang/en.utf8/blocktype.watchlist.php watchlistdelaytitle
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Located in blocktype/watchlist/lang/en.utf8/blocktype.watchlist.php watchlistdelaytitle
The delay in minutes between sending emails regarding watchlist changes.
blocktype/watchlist/lang/en.utf8/blocktype.watchlist.php watchlistdelaydescription
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Located in blocktype/watchlist/lang/en.utf8/blocktype.watchlist.php watchlistdelaydescription
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