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Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountGroups.php:452 AccountSections.php:259 AddCustomerContacts.php:260 AddCustomerNotes.php:242 AddCustomerTypeNotes.php:221 Areas.php:229 BankAccounts.php:399 BOMs.php:785 COGSGLPostings.php:356 CreditStatus.php:259 Currencies.php:406 CustLoginSetup.php:273 Departments.php:258 DiscountMatrix.php:142 EDIMessageFormat.php:248 FixedAssetCategories.php:347 FixedAssetLocations.php:157 FreightCosts.php:340 GeocodeSetup.php:271 GLAccounts.php:269 Labels.php:531 Locations.php:634 MRPDemands.php:424 MRPDemandTypes.php:188 OffersReceived.php:57 OffersReceived.php:146 PaymentMethods.php:300 PaymentTerms.php:310 PO_AuthorisationLevels.php:262 Prices_Customer.php:361 SalesAnalReptCols.php:552 SalesAnalRepts.php:519 SalesGLPostings.php:419 SalesPeople.php:370 Shippers.php:203 StockCategories.php:665 SupplierContacts.php:284 SuppLoginSetup.php:292 TaxAuthorities.php:329 TaxCategories.php:239 TaxProvinces.php:235 UnitsOfMeasure.php:241 WorkCentres.php:280 WWW_Users.php:786
Account Sections
Konta plāna sadaļa
Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountSections.php:7 includes/MainMenuLinksArray.php:382
The account section already exists in the database
Konta plāna sadaļa jau eksistē
Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountSections.php:61
The account section name cannot contain any illegal characters
(no translation yet)
Located in AccountSections.php:68
The account section name must contain at least one character
Konta plāna sadaļas nosaukums jābūt garākam par vienu simbolu
Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountSections.php:74
The section number must be an integer
Sadaļas numuram jābūt veselam skaitlim
Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountSections.php:80 AccountSections.php:86
Cannot delete this account section because general ledger accounts groups have been created using this section
Nevar izdzēst šo sadaļu, jo kontu grupas ir piesaistīti šai sadaļai
Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountSections.php:128
general ledger accounts groups that refer to this account section
konta grupa kura attiecas uz šo sadaļu
Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountSections.php:130
section has been deleted
sadaļa ir dzēsta
Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountSections.php:142
Could not get account group sections because
Nevar iegūt kontu grupu sadaļu, jo
Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountSections.php:167
6069 of 8570 results

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