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An error occurred in retrieving the parent group information
خطا رخ داده است در پدر و مادر بازیابی اطلاعات گروه
Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountGroups.php:221
Cannot delete this account group because it is a parent account group of other account group(s)
آیا می توانم استفاده حذف این گروه به حساب به خاطر آن است که یک پدر و مادر از گروه گروه حساب حساب دیگر (ها)
Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountGroups.php:226
account groups that have this group as its/there parent account group
گروه های حساب است که این گروه به عنوان خود / گروه وجود دارد پدر و مادر به حساب
Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountGroups.php:227
An error occurred in deleting the account group
خطا رخ داده است در حذف گروه حساب
Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountGroups.php:231
The SQL that was used to delete the account group was
گذاشتن که به حذف گروه حساب استفاده می شد
Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountGroups.php:232
group has been deleted
گروه حذف شده است
Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountGroups.php:234
The sql that was used to retrieve the account group information was
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گذاشتن که برای بازیابی اطلاعات حساب گروه استفاده می شد
Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountGroups.php:259
Could not get account groups because
آیا می توانید گروه های حساب چرا که نه
Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountGroups.php:260
Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountGroups.php:262 AccountSections.php:169 AddCustomerContacts.php:25 AddCustomerContacts.php:27 AddCustomerNotes.php:101 AddCustomerTypeNotes.php:94 AgedDebtors.php:444 AgedSuppliers.php:276 Areas.php:144 AuditTrail.php:11 BankReconciliation.php:14 BOMExtendedQty.php:250 BOMIndented.php:246 BOMIndentedReverse.php:235 BOMInquiry.php:187 BOMListing.php:109 BOMs.php:231 BOMs.php:858 COGSGLPostings.php:19 CompanyPreferences.php:155 CounterReturns.php:1611 CounterSales.php:2075 CounterSales.php:2200 Credit_Invoice.php:265 CreditStatus.php:21 Currencies.php:29 CustEDISetup.php:17 DailyBankTransactions.php:11 DebtorsAtPeriodEnd.php:125 DiscountCategories.php:12 DiscountCategories.php:136 DiscountMatrix.php:16 EDIMessageFormat.php:105 FixedAssetLocations.php:9 FixedAssetRegister.php:13 FixedAssetRegister.php:249 FixedAssetTransfer.php:11 FormDesigner.php:129 GLBalanceSheet.php:378 GLBudgets.php:29 GLJournalInquiry.php:7 GLJournal.php:247 InternalStockRequest.php:300 InventoryPlanning.php:379 InventoryPlanningPrefSupplier.php:469 MRPReport.php:516 NoSalesItems.php:89 OutstandingGRNs.php:163 PcAssignCashToTab.php:59 PcAssignCashToTab.php:133 PcAssignCashToTab.php:149 PcAssignCashToTab.php:193 PDFPickingList.php:28 PDFStockLocTransfer.php:16 PO_AuthorisationLevels.php:10 POReport.php:60 POReport.php:64 POReport.php:68 PO_SelectOSPurchOrder.php:149 PricesBasedOnMarkUp.php:8 Prices_Customer.php:35 Prices.php:30 PurchData.php:139 PurchData.php:263 PurchData.php:287 RecurringSalesOrders.php:320 SalesAnalReptCols.php:51 SalesAnalRepts.php:14 SalesCategories.php:11 SalesGLPostings.php:19 SalesGraph.php:36 SalesPeople.php:20 SalesTypes.php:20 SelectAsset.php:46 SelectCompletedOrder.php:11 SelectContract.php:65 SelectCreditItems.php:218 SelectCreditItems.php:289 SelectCustomer.php:274 SelectGLAccount.php:17 SelectGLAccount.php:87 SelectOrderItems.php:589 SelectOrderItems.php:1557 SelectOrderItems.php:1678 SelectProduct.php:521 SelectSalesOrder.php:563 SelectSupplier.php:9 SelectSupplier.php:205 SelectWorkOrder.php:9 SelectWorkOrder.php:169 ShipmentCosting.php:11 Shipments.php:17 Shippers.php:123 Shippers.php:160 Shipt_Select.php:8 StockLocMovements.php:14 StockLocStatus.php:28 StockSerialItemResearch.php:30 SupplierPriceList.php:15 SupplierPriceList.php:217 SupplierPriceList.php:387 SupplierPriceList.php:391 SupplierPriceList.php:442 SupplierPriceList.php:492 Suppliers.php:305 SupplierTenderCreate.php:522 SupplierTenderCreate.php:628 SupplierTenders.php:322 SupplierTenders.php:388 SupplierTransInquiry.php:10 TaxGroups.php:15 TaxProvinces.php:11 TopItems.php:114 UnitsOfMeasure.php:10 WhereUsedInquiry.php:18 WorkCentres.php:111 WorkCentres.php:162 WorkOrderCosting.php:22 WorkOrderEntry.php:11 WorkOrderIssue.php:22 WorkOrderReceive.php:31 WorkOrderStatus.php:58 WWW_Access.php:11 WWW_Users.php:36 Z_BottomUpCosts.php:57
Group Name
نام گروه
Translated by Phil Daintree
Located in AccountGroups.php:266
3342 of 8570 results

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