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Have a netbook?
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Located in ../docs/welcome/C/welcome.xml:60(title)
If you own a netbook computer, <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> has a workspace optimized specifically for these small computers. More information on the netbook workspace can be found in the <xref linkend="releases-netbook"/> section.
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<phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> 11.10 with Plasma Netbook
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if you have a netbook Kubuntu will load up using the Plasma Netbook workspace. optimized for use with netbooks and smaller, portable devices. The Kubuntu with Plasma Netbook is a full-featured operating system that contains plenty of applications to suit your everyday needs, with more than 20,000 other titles available to be easily installed.
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Installing <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase>
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Located in ../docs/welcome/C/welcome.xml:82(title)
Installing <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> running Plasma Desktop or Plasma Netbook is exactly the same. Both use the same install medium and graphical installer known as <application>Ubiquity</application>.
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Getting Support for <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase>
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Located in ../docs/welcome/C/welcome.xml:91(title)
To read more about receiving support for <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase>, please view the <ulink type="help" url="help:/kubuntu/support"><phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> Support</ulink> topic.
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<phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> System Documentation
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Located in ../docs/welcome/C/welcome.xml:97(title)
<phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> ships with system documentation covering various topics which provide an introduction to Kubuntu as well as configuration and troubleshooting topics.
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Located in ../docs/welcome/C/welcome.xml:98(para)
2130 of 39 results

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