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Most printers are supported by <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase>. System Settings &gt; Printer Configuration provides the ability to add printers, modify their settings, monitor printing jobs, suspend or restart printers, and set up printer sharing.
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The <application>HP Device Manager</application> simplifies the configuration of <acronym>printers</acronym>, including <acronym>HP</acronym> Multifunction Devices (<acronym>MFD</acronym>s)--printers that also copy and scan. This application should be used if there is a direct connection from the computer to the printer via <acronym>USB</acronym>, <acronym>LPT</acronym> (parallel port), or network (direct connection or JetDirect). The <application>HP Device Manager</application> does not work with printers on a shared network using <application>Samba</application>. If the printer is configured with <application>Samba</application>, <xref linkend="print-network"/> is recommended.
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To open the <application>HP Device Manager</application>, press <keycombo><keycap>Alt</keycap><keycap>F2</keycap></keycombo>. In the <guilabel>Run Command</guilabel> dialog, type <userinput>printer
toolbox</userinput> followed by pressing the <guibutton>OK</guibutton> button or pressing the <keycap>Enter</keycap> key. If this is the first time opening the application, the <guilabel>No Installed HP Devices Found</guilabel> dialog will appear. Three choices will be presented: <guibutton>Setup Device...</guibutton>, <guibutton>CUPS Web Interface</guibutton>, and <guibutton>Close</guibutton>. To set up the printer, select the <guibutton>Setup Device...</guibutton> button. When prompted for a password, enter the correct password and then press the <guibutton>OK</guibutton> button. Select the option that suits the printer configuration and complete the setup. The <application>HP Device Manager</application> has the ability to automatically detect any attached devices, or to scan a network for any compatible devices.
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For more information on the <application>HP Device Manager</application>, install the <application>hplip-docs</application> package. Please refer to the <ulink type="help" url="help:/kubuntu/add-applications/">Adding Applications</ulink> documentation for more information on installing extra applications. Once the <application>hplip-docs</application> are installed, they can be accessed by going to <menuchoice><guimenu>Help</guimenu><guimenuitem>Contents...</guimenuitem></menuchoice> or browsing to <ulink url="file:///usr/share/doc/hplip-doc/HTML/index.html"/>.
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Choose <menuchoice><guimenu>Kickoff Application Launcher</guimenu><guimenuitem>System Settings</guimenuitem></menuchoice> and select <guilabel>Printer Configuration</guilabel> to open the <application>system-settings-config-printers</application> system dialog.
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Choose <menuchoice><guimenu>Add</guimenu><guimenuitem>Add Printer/Class...</guimenuitem></menuchoice>
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Some printers may need further set up steps. If the printer was not automatically detected, try to select the port and printer driver manually. Search the databases at <ulink url=""></ulink> or check the <ulink url="">Kubuntu Wiki's Printer Page</ulink> for possible information on the printer.
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Choose <menuchoice><guimenu>New Printer</guimenu><guimenuitem>New Printer Class</guimenuitem></menuchoice>
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At the <guilabel>User Identification</guilabel> dialog, select the type of authentication that is used by either the remote printer or the system that is sharing the remote printer. <emphasis role="bold">TIP:</emphasis> if there is a question, try <guilabel>Anonymous (no login/password)</guilabel> and press the <guibutton>Next &gt;</guibutton>. If this fails, try with <guilabel>Guest account (login="guest")</guilabel>.
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