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Media Management With <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase>
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This document provides information concerning the types of media that can be used with <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> as well as how to write to the media.
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<phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> supports many types of media with a standard installation, including USB hard drives, USB flash drives, internal and external CDROMs, CDs, DVDs, and more.
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Most of the time, when attaching media such as a CD, DVD, external hard drive, USB flash drive, or compact flash drives, <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> automatically recognizes the media, displays a notification that it has recognized the media, and allows for an action to be selected depending on the type of media it is. For instance, inserting a CD or DVD would allow for it to be mounted, opened with <application>K3b</application> for burning if it is blank, opened with <application>Amarok</application> if it is an audio CD, or opened with <application>Dragon Player</application> if it is a DVD. To see the actions available, <mousebutton>click</mousebutton> the media icon to the left of the media that has been recognized.
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An <acronym>ISO</acronym> image is an archive file that is formatted to be used with CDs or DVDs. <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> is easily acquired as an <acronym>ISO</acronym> file and then burned to either a CD, DVD, or written to a USB flash drive in a bootable format. Review the <link linkend="write-cd-dvd">Write to CDs or DVDs</link> section or the section on creating <link linkend="usb">Bootable ISO Images From USB Media</link> for further information.
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<phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> ships with <application>K3b</application>, a <acronym>CD</acronym> and <acronym>DVD</acronym> creator. With <application>K3b</application>, it is possible to create a data or audio project, copy a <acronym>CD</acronym> or <acronym>DVD</acronym>, format or erase a rewritable disk, as well as rip audio and video <acronym>CD</acronym>' and <acronym>DVD</acronym>'s.
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<mousebutton>Click</mousebutton> the <guibutton>New Data Project</guibutton> button to get started. This action allows data file drag-and-drop onto a <acronym>CD</acronym> or <acronym>DVD</acronym>. When all files have been copied over, press the <guibutton>Burn</guibutton> button to write the data to the disk.
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<mousebutton>Click</mousebutton> the <guibutton>New Audio CD Project</guibutton> button to get started. This action allows audio file drag-and-drop onto a <acronym>CD</acronym> that can be played in a home stereo or automobile. When all files have been copied over, press the <guibutton>Burn</guibutton> button to write the audio to the disk.
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<mousebutton>Click</mousebutton> the <guibutton>Copy Medium...</guibutton> button to to copy a <acronym>CD</acronym> to a <acronym>CD</acronym> or copy a <acronym>DVD</acronym> to a <acronym>DVD</acronym>. To start the copying process, simply <mousebutton>click</mousebutton> the <guibutton>Start</guibutton> button.
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