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Launchpad projects have lists too
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Located in docs/contact/C/contact.xml:100(title)
Some of the projects on <ulink url="">Launchpad</ulink> have mailing lists as well. When you join a project, check to see if they have a list for you to subscribe to.
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Located in contact/C/contact.xml:104(para)
Internet Relay Chat (<acronym>IRC</acronym>)
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Located in docs/contact/C/contact.xml:111(title)
<acronym>IRC</acronym> allows you to communicate in a real-time fashion with many others who are also using <acronym>IRC</acronym> and are on the same networks and channels that you are on.
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Located in contact/C/contact.xml:115(para)
For more information regarding <acronym>IRC</acronym>, please review the <ulink type="help" url="help:/kubuntu/communication">Communications topic</ulink>. For even more information and a complete list of channels, please read the <ulink url="">Internet Relay Chat</ulink> online.
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Located in contact/C/contact.xml:120(para)
Network used for <acronym>IRC</acronym>
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Located in docs/contact/C/contact.xml:123(title)
All Ubuntu and Kubuntu channels are located on the <ulink url="">freenode network</ulink>. The server address to use with your <acronym>IRC</acronym> client is <userinput></userinput>, the port to use which is the most secure is <userinput>8001</userinput>.
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Located in contact/C/contact.xml:128(para)
Kubuntu <acronym>IRC</acronym> channels
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Located in docs/contact/C/contact.xml:133(title)
Kubuntu user support channel
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Located in docs/contact/C/contact.xml:134(term)
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Located in docs/contact/C/contact.xml:136(para)
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