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Located in basics/C/basics.xml:14(year)
This document introduces the basics of the <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> system, which are useful for getting started with <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase>.
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Located in docs/basics/C/basics.xml:15(para)
Please see the topic covering the <ulink type="help" url="help:/kubuntu/cli/">Command Line</ulink>.
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Located in docs/basics/C/basics.xml:25(para)
To get a complete understanding of the Linux file system, recommended reading is the <ulink url="">Linux Filesystem Hierarchy</ulink> documentation hosted by <ulink url="">The Linux Documentation Project</ulink>.
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Located in docs/basics/C/basics.xml:35(para)
A filesystem is a method of storing and organizing files, not only in Linux but also in other computer operating systems. In Linux, most files are <quote>regular files</quote>, except <emphasis>directories</emphasis>, <emphasis>special files</emphasis>, <emphasis>links</emphasis>, <emphasis>sockets</emphasis>, and <emphasis>named pipes</emphasis>. The most common filetypes that users interact with are regular files, directories and links.
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Located in ../docs/basics/C/basics.xml:42(para)
Not all lists will look exactly like the one above.
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Located in docs/basics/C/basics.xml:82(para)
The following is an overview of the files or directories listed above.
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Located in docs/basics/C/basics.xml:86(para)
Contains terminal commands that are useful to system administrators (who have full access privileges) and to regular users (who have limited access privileges). The commands in this directory are essential to the operation of a Linux system. Some of the commands in the <filename class="directory">bin</filename> directory are <command>bash</command>, <command>ls</command>, <command>cp</command>, and <command>cat</command>.
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Located in docs/basics/C/basics.xml:92(para)
Contains the files required for the boot process. In the case of <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase>, it contains the files for the <application>GRUB</application> boot-loader, master boot records, map files, and the Linux kernel.
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Located in basics/C/basics.xml:105(para)
A <abbrev>symlink</abbrev> or <quote>symbolic link</quote> to <filename class="directory">/media/cdrom</filename>, which itself is a <abbrev>symlink</abbrev> to <filename class="directory">/media/cdrom0</filename>. If a <acronym>CD</acronym> is placed into the <acronym>CDROM</acronym> drive, the contents of that CD will be available in <filename class="directory">/media/cdrom0</filename> directory.
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Located in ../docs/basics/C/basics.xml:114(para)
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