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When an audio <acronym>CD</acronym> is inserted, <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> will recognize it, mount it, and then ask what to do with the <acronym>CD</acronym>. Choose <guilabel>Create an audio CD with K3B</guilabel> and press <guibutton>OK</guibutton>. This will open <application>K3b</application>, the <acronym>CD</acronym> and <acronym>DVD</acronym> Kreator, and provide various options.
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To start <application>K3b</application> manually, go to <menuchoice><guimenu>Kickoff Application Launcher</guimenu><guisubmenu>Applications</guisubmenu><guisubmenu>Multimedia</guisubmenu><guimenuitem>Disk Burning (K3b)</guimenuitem></menuchoice>.
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Select <guilabel>New Audio CD Project</guilabel> in the <guilabel>New Project</guilabel> dropdown menu.
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Inside <application>K3b</application>, browse and select the tracks to be ripped. Then drag and drop the tracks in the white area at the bottom of the <application>K3b</application> window. <placeholder-1/>
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<acronym>MP3</acronym> is a protocol restricted by patents. In order to use it with <application>K3b</application>, please refer to the information at the end of this procedure.
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<guilabel>CD-Text</guilabel> - provides input fields to add artists and title tags to the CD.
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When all settings are complete, press the <guibutton>Burn</guibutton> button.
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<emphasis role="strong">Ogg Vorbis</emphasis> - Ogg Vorbis is a patent-free lossy audio compression format which usually produces higher quality and greater compression than MP3. See the <ulink url="">Vorbis website</ulink> for more information.
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<emphasis role="strong">FLAC</emphasis> - The Free Lossless Audio Codec<acronym>FLAC</acronym> can compress audio files up to 50% without removing any information from the audio stream. For more information on this format, see the <ulink url="">FLAC homepage</ulink> on
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<emphasis role="strong">WAV</emphasis> - Wav is an uncompressed audio format that can be compressed into OGG Vorbis or a codec of your choice. It is often edited in applications such as Audacity before being compressed.
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1120 of 21 results

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